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What if a school visit could be more than a nice thing to do for the children?

What if it could raise literacy standards?

What if it could engage all the pupils including those with SEN?

What if it could also help teach a curriculum topic?

Our workshops will get children engaged with stories and inspire them to tell and write their own stories, whatever their age. We work with children as young as 3 through to KS1 and KS2. Plus for you there is no stress and no preparation as we have done it all for you.

Story Writing

Meeting authors gets children really inspired because they can see we're really  just ordinary people, so they can be like us too. As authors we have developed our own 7 step model for writing stories. We inspire students to write their own stories by using our experiences. These sessions are very interactive. We usually start with reading of one our stories. This can be chosen to fit in with your current topic. These workshops can be a great start to a writing competition as Jill Stevens from Collingbourne School found out when she had double the normal number of entries. We can help support you in running the competition if you wish, just let us know.

"My class were so excited to make the puppets and meet the characters to the story. They worked well together to create a colourful set of puppets which they put to good use with many sessions of ‘Let’s Pretend’! The visual story plans they made meant so much more to them as the characters had become very ‘real’. They lived the stories they told.

My expectations were more than met. I really appreciated the support you gave to our writing competition. The theme of this year’s competition was inspired by your book and puppets and it was fantastic listening to the story being told, not read. Thank you."
Jill Stevens from Collingbourne School

Create and Tell

Our unique Create and Tell workshops start with a traditional storytelling of one of our stories followed by a puppet making session with our award winning Create and Show kits. The workshops are a fantastic way to kick off a half term's topic as we include our Creative Literacy Resource Pack which has loads of lesson plans linked to the story with all the learning outcomes and objectives identified which will save you even MORE preparation time.  

All the resources are included so all you need to provide is the children.

The next part is very important because that's where the magic happens. The children will interact with the story and become part of the story so they learn so much more.


Children make fantastic storytellers. By teaching them traditional oral storytelling techniques it will improve their story writing as it gives them a range of language, story format and ideas to call upon. It also improves their speaking and listening skills and helps to build their confidence.

We use fun games to help the children remember and tell stories that they will remember for a lifetime.

Story Based Workshops for Children

We have a range of workshops based on our multi award winning stories and puppet making kits. Each story is based on a curriculum topic and workshops can be a great way to kick off the subject in a cross-curricular way.

  • Pojo’s Roman Conquest
  • Pojo Saves the Rainforest
  • Pojo and King Tut Tut’s Lost Treasure
  • Pojo Blows the Gunpowder Plot
  • Pojo and the Knights of Chepstow Castle
  • Pojo and the Chest of Dreams


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Telephone: 01488 468901
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