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A World of Wings was formed by Michael Simmons in 2006 and joined by his Wife Sarah in 2009. Together they have more then twenty years of experience in training birds and mammals within zoos and professional institutions.

The aim of A World of Wings is to promote birds and share them with people of all ages, in many different capacities from Free-Flight bird shows to specially designed interaction programmes and encounters.

Early on, Michael and Sarah realised that birds have all the skills and natural design to thrive in their world. Humans are inspired by their designs, replicated in all of our inventions. Humans are touched by their grace and free-spirits. With these facts onboard A World of Wings focuses on encouraging Natural Behaviours from Captive Birds and helping them to be amazing in their own form.

Instead of Birds being trained to perform tricks, it is them who teach us to understand how to build a Relationship built on trust, allowing us into their World. With this amazing Partnership the birds have demonstrated amazing feats of intelligence and soar, glide and climb their way into the eyes and hearts of many.

A World of Wings Roadshow

A WoW Roadshow is the only travelling bird show of its kind in the UK, a chance to see free flying Parrots, Hornbills, Storks, Birds of Prey and more in stunning displays.

What to expect: In our displays you will witness soaring Storks with 2 meter wingspans, colourful flocks of free flying Parrots, the very special ground Hornbill - the largest of their kind in the world, the speed of Falcons and many more species as they demonstrate feats of intelligence and aerial acrobatics.


"Just wanted to let you guys know that your display at Leeds Castle on Sunday was truly amazing. I have been to the castle many times before but have never seen a display such as yours. It was so lovely to see a variety of birds and see them all fly together. Yourself and Sarah do a fantastic job and you should be proud of your 'children'. Please let me know if you display at any other venues. Kind Regards" - Sarah Liddicot

- Our professional bird trainers will be on hand to answer questions about the birds which can be viewed in their enclosures for the duration of the day

- Two 30 minute flying displays within an arena of suitable size

- We provide our own PA system if required

- We can provide our own arena if required


Our Birds

A World of Wings works with birds of all species. Parrots, Kingfishers, Crows, Raptors, Wading Birds and More. Most of all these species are prey to other animals or birds. As a result, fearing for their life is the birds basic operating system and safety is their primary concern. Everything can spell danger to a bird: loud noises, unfamiliar equipment, confined spaces etc. So how do you turn a scared bird into a calm, smart and brave bird? By establishing a relationship built on trust and safety. How do you do that? By learning about the world from a birds point of view.


Key Information

Professional and Safe - Public and Products Liability Insurance for up to £5,000,000.

We can provide the necessary documents when you book with us if you require further details. CRB approved and Specific Site Risk Assessed.

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Telephone: 01440 820658
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