The Animal Experience

The Animal Experience offers school children of all ages a unique educational opportunity to learn about a wide variety of rare and endangered creatures within the safety of the school environment. With a huge variety of animals from milksnakes to meerkats, tarantulas to tree frogs, and parrots to pythons this is a hands-on experience that the children will never forget.  Sessions are fun and informative and teach about the individual animals, their natural habitats, the unique adaptations that allow them to survive, and other related topics such as environmental issues and biodiversity.

Visits can be adapted to incorporate your specific requirements and reflect the needs of the national curriculum, both in terms of the animals brought and the session format. One popular option is a display in assembly followed by attendance class-by-class throughout the day, allowing the children to get up close and hands-on with animals they may never have seen before. Popular packages include:

The African Experience,

Meet the Meercats,

The Petting Zoo,

Reptiles & Mini Beasts  

Fur & Feathers.

A visit from The Animal Experience provides a practical element to many school projects whether about specific wildlife or other related topics such as the Rainforest Habitats or Nocturnal Animals. They are passionate about providing children with the opportunity to enjoy first hand experience of exotic animals and have run hundreds of sessions at schools over the past 15 years. Children are enthralled by the animals and especially so when they get to hold and interact with them in person.

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The area/s in which this provider is available are:East, East Midlands

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