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History Squad is a professional historical entertainment company committed to injecting energy into the presentation of history.

We offer education and entertainment in the form of school workshops, guided castle tours, historical events and medieval archery experience days.  Using compelling storytelling and astounding weapons demonstrations, we breathe life into history, making it fun for all those involved.

Workshops & Presentations

We know how difficult it can be to maintain student’s interest term after term, but a presentation from the History Squad can help. Our customers see excellent results from their students following our inspiring school visits.
Our lively presentations and workshops really get youngsters interested and excited about history.  We have a huge number of artefacts to bring into your school and plenty of hands-on opportunities for everyone.  We even have weapons that go whoosh & bang that are guaranteed to win over even the most disinterested students.

Cross Curricular themes run throughout our presentations as we tie periods and ideas together so that pupils see how topics and events are linked.  We aim to raise standards and help students deliver real results by supporting the history curriculum; this is borne out by the many commendations we receive during Ofsted Inspections.
  • World War 1
  • World War 2
  • SS / Holocaust
  • Victorian
  • Waterloo / French Revolution
  • 17th Century
  • Slavery
  • Tudor
  • Medieval
  • Saxons / Normans
  • Romans
  • Medicine Through Time


Castle Tours

For first class school trip support or special event, the History Squad's, Sandford Award-winning, castle tours will astound your class.

Let them explore with a costumed guide who will entertain and educate whilst revealing the secrets and history of the site.

We offer tours of Chepstow, Kenilworth, Goodrich, Stokesay and Bolsover as well as many other historic sites.

  • Amazing longbow and crossbow displays with a medieval archer
  • Marvellous musketry demonstrations and pike drill with a roundhead or cavalier soldier.
  • Wonderful weaponry presentations and shield drill with a Roman centurion.

Have-A-Go Archery

This is an excellent opportunity to try your hand at archery using a traditional English longbow. Top instruction with a professional archer will help you unleash the power of your bow so that you can experience what it feels like to draw, load and shoot these incredible weapons for yourself and take part in games and competitions to challenge your skills.  You’ll be happily hitting the target in no time.

Previous experience isn't necessary; anyone from 5 to 80, can enjoy this historic and addictive sport.

We provide all the equipment needed including arena, targets, barriers safety netting and of course longbows & arrows, so that you can benefit from a worry-free service from experienced professionals.

Your instructor, Kevin Hicks, is a professional archer and entertainer who regularly performs as Robin Hood beneath the major oak at Sherwood Forest.  So in addition to first class tuition, Kevin’s engaging style will entertain and fascinate you as he brings stories of the longbow to life.
  • Excellent archery experience
  • Traditional English longbows
  • Fun games and challenges
  • Top instruction & entertainment
  • All weather activity

Additional Information

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Telephone: 01926 613 700
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