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Wild Workshops bring live animals (and lots of equipment) into the classroom for a truly hands-on practical experience. These vibrant sessions boost pupils’ learning and encourage investigation with some spectacular audio-visual aids. Have you ever seen a 3 foot woodlouse or heard a mouse’s ultrasonic ‘squeak’?

“Fantastic! One of the best sessions I have ever seen in 34 years of teaching. The children were enthralled.” - Marilyn Friend, Teacher,Legh Vale Primary, St. Helens

“The children loved it! They were given the confidence to interact with the animals. The sessions were excellent and differentiated from class to class. Children and teachers learned a lot!” - June Amison, Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator, Ince Saint Mary’s Primary, Wigan

A Wild Workshops day is about stimulating children’s innate curiosity, not filling in worksheets or memorising facts. From Nursery to Year 6, children love discovering, first hand, the behaviours of everyday animals with unusual habits.

Differentiated investigations can reinforce any New Curriculum Sc2 topics and will involve a variety of plants and animals found in the local environment. Wild Workshops help children understand the wildlife that lives all around them. Allowing children to work in small groups with live animals empowers and motivates them to develop investigative skills. A real must for Science week but sessions are also ideal for stimulating writing – particularly for Y2’s studying Nocturnal Animals. WildWorkshops can create the perfect day for your school. They offer a flexible approach and can cater for all needs whether you require in-depth investigations, general nature sessions or taster sessions for each class. Their workshop leader is a fully qualified primary teacher with an MSc in Animal Behaviour and an infectious and energetic approach to science and nature.

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Telephone: 01925 733790
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