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Lifesize ‘glow-in-the-dark’ fluorescent puppets and object manipulation are Groovy UV’s speciality, and they also work with more traditional puppet types. They are experienced international performers and owner Simon Corlett is a professional puppet-maker and song writer. Groovy UV’s creative approach to school puppet workshops relies on experiential learning with hands on activities, motivational and inspirational performances that impact on everyone – children, young people, special needs, staff and parents.

Groovy UV specialise in Blacklight Ultra-Violet Theatre (involving ‘glow-in-the-dark’ puppetry, illusion, physical theatre, puppetmaking and soundtrack creation) and how this can be used to support and promote teaching and learning. The bright, colourful, life-size fluorescent puppets and amazing visual effects they use not only hold the attention, but fire the imagination, stimulating thinking and driving activity. Groovy UV really do put a different light on things – literally! A unique and refreshing style that’s stimulating, engaging and makes teaching and learning easy and enjoyable. 


Hand To Mouth Theatre is Martin Bridle and Su Eaton. Together, they have been producing intelligent popular puppet theatre and shadow puppet workshops for schools for more than 25 years. They continue to innovate and delight.

They combine acting, music and puppets to create shows for school audiences. 

Puppet Shows for Schools

- Gingerbread

A solo show with puppets, fruit and biscuits presented by Martin Bridle 

- Remember The Umbrella

The Umbrella-seller Storyteller opens and closes her umbrellas, opening with a story of the sea and sand, and closing with a visit to the moon and stars. 


Christopher Somerville (Mr. Bimbamboozle) is North Wales' best loved and most experienced children's entertainer. During term time he runs specialist Punch and Judy and puppet workshops in schools while his children's show combining Magic and Punch & Judy provides a delightful end of term reward day.

Drawing on his childhood memories and work as a Punch & Judy man Chris presents a fascinating workshop on the theme of Punch & Judy and the Seaside. The presentation is illustrated with pictures and puppets, and includes a performance of the traditional show. There is an accompanying web presentation which the children can view after the visit to review what they have learned and offers material to download and print. This workshop can be adapted for different age ranges. 


 Art Works  was founded in 1996 by artist and puppeteer Steve Newton, and provides a range of creative shadow puppet and animation workshops to schools across the South West and in Ireland. Shadow puppet workshops are preceded by a shadow puppet theatre performance in his shadow puppet theatre that demonstrates to the children what magic can be produced from a simple silhouette of cut card. The shows last for 45 mins and can be performed to the whole school or just to those children attending the workshop. 

Workshops for the day involve children making their own shadow puppets using card and coloured gels. If time allows, they devise their own simple shows in small groups and can then perform these shows to each other, or to another class. The day is suitable for Keystage 1 children upwards and you can easily see what other curricular activities are involved in such a day and what ‘follow on’ things can be planned. There are three shows to choose from.


Simon Buckley is not just one of the country’s leading workshop puppeteers in children’s television, but also an Anglican Priest! Alongside his television schedules and ministry in the London Diocese of the Church of England, he regularly works in schools to engage children with his collection of fascinating and entertaining puppets.

As a professional puppeteer (since the age of nine!) Simon has worked on numerous BBC TV series that are well known to children, including Bear Behaving Badly, Zoo Factor, Fimbles, and Roly Mo Show, which are currently in the schedules. In the past he has puppeteered on programmes from Spitting Image to The Weakest Link, various Muppet Movies, numerous commercials, pop videos, operas in Austria, and even created the first stage show of Charlie and Lola which he directed in Los Angeles!


Major Mustard is one of Britain's top touring solo puppeteers and storytellers with over 30 years experience in the art of puppet theatre. He performs everywhere from schools and libraries to Festivals, Theatres and TV. Major Mustard brings tales to life with traditional glove and shadow puppet theatre, storytelling and music that offer a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

His puppet theatre shows appeal to all ages and guarantee a memorable experience with a repertoire based on a broad mix of traditional and modern stories told in imaginative and exciting ways to enthrall children of all ages. Traditional puppet shows include classics like King Arthur – Cinderella – Robin Hood and The Ugly Duckling while equally entertaining modern productions provide a new slant on the fairytale.


Artist Jim Morris helps youngsters of all ages and abilities to explore and express their thoughts and feelings, using puppets they have made themselves. He works closely with educators to devise unique bespoke projects to tackle specific issues relevant to their aims and aspirations and can also devise training packages for staff and parents.

Over many years, Jim Morris has used puppet making to help youngsters to: express emotions, de-mystify puberty, tackle tricky issues, explore relationships - and have lots of fun. Jim’s brand of creative puppet-making is well-suited to: promoting teamwork, anti-bullying initiatives, consulting young people, encouraging invention and increasing self esteem.

With more than 20 years freelance experience, Jim works with all ages and abilities including Special Needs groups. He can provide  PSHCE workshops as a solo artist and has arranged collaborative projects with storytellers, dancers, musicians and filmmakers.




"Captain Carrot...Field Agent" tells the story of a reluctant superhero and his band of friendly vegetables, as they battle the evil Burger’s plans for world domination with his army of noxious nuggets. The PSHCE show tours with a full set, lighting rig, digital sound system, bespoke puppets and props along with breathtaking magical illusions. It is an hilarious and engaging piece of edutainment that makes vegetables fun, colourful and exciting and engages with children through a mix of theatre, games, puppetry, music and drama to:

  • Talk about what they like and dislike.
  • Identify how food can be approached differently and diets can be improved.
  • Attain knowledge of the characteristics of fruit, vegetables and junk food.
  •  Gain an understanding of where food comes from, and how it is grown.


Puppet workshop at Wheeler Primary school

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