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Classroom Medics workshops are delivered at your school and have been designed to engage pupils in the curriculum and enable them to make more informed decisions about their health, career aspirations and life choices. Their workshops cover PSHCE, science, health and sports aspects of the curriculum and present them in a fun and engaging manner as well as providing an insight into career opportunities.

Their patient simulator, Stan, is used in the Classroom Casualty and the Drug & Knife Awareness workshops. He is a living & breathing medical manikin with a heart beat, pulse, sweat, blink & speech. His vital signs are monitored and during the workshop, he is given a range of drugs and is stabbed (electronically). The effects of these are clearly demonstrated as Stan is pushed towards death. Only your students can save him by making the right decisions in the workshop! It is hoped the experience will help young people have the courage and knowledge to make the right decisions if faced with a situation involving drugs or knives


fruit to suit is a social enterprise company delivering high quality, tailored business and pshce programs to primary and secondary schools nationwide. Our programs develop entrepreneurial skills and business knowledge which can be consolidated by setting up and running a long term, sustainable healthy tuck shop business. The profit generated could be used to fund further enterprise training, support school funds or be donated to charity.

fruit to suit’s main aims

  • Train your Tuck Shop Managers to run a healthy tuck shop independently, giving them invaluable business and enterprise experience

  • Supply healthy, nutritious, affordable and tasty snacks for your tuck shop, fairs and discos direct to your school

  • Change children’s perceptions of ‘business people’ by providing a positive experience of business for every year group in your school


The Action on Additives campaign aims to list all the foods, drinks and medicines which contain the additives linked to hyperactivity in susceptible children.

The campaign is coordinated by The Food Commission and has been funded by a donation from the Organix Foundation, a charity which seeks to promote better quality food provision for babies and children.


Afri Twin was formed in 2001 to encourage mutually beneficial relationships between schools in the United Kingdom and South Africa. It has since grown from strength to strength and now has over 250 participating schools. Through regular contact, shared projects, reciprocal exchanges of teachers and learners, conferences and workshops, both individuals and schools are substantially enriched.

Afri Twin was the brainchild of Jayne Martin who, at the time, was a South African living in the UK. She felt that bringing together teachers and learners from the two countries could be enormously beneficial. Deeply committed to the project, Jayne continually explores fresh new ways of sharing ideas and experiences and planning joint events.

Through our PSHCE programme both learners and teachers can:

  • Learn about other cultures
  • Forge new friendships
  • Gain a new perspective on life
  • Create an international network


Artist Jim Morris helps youngsters of all ages and abilities to explore and express their thoughts and feelings, using puppets they have made themselves. He works closely with educators to devise unique bespoke projects to tackle specific issues relevant to their aims and aspirations and can also devise training packages for staff and parents.

Over many years, Jim Morris has used puppet making to help youngsters to: express emotions, de-mystify puberty, tackle tricky issues, explore relationships - and have lots of fun. Jim’s brand of creative puppet-making is well-suited to: promoting teamwork, anti-bullying initiatives, consulting young people, encouraging invention and increasing self esteem.

With more than 20 years freelance experience, Jim works with all ages and abilities including Special Needs groups. He can provide  PSHCE workshops as a solo artist and has arranged collaborative projects with storytellers, dancers, musicians and filmmakers.



"Captain Carrot...Field Agent" tells the story of a reluctant superhero and his band of friendly vegetables, as they battle the evil Burger’s plans for world domination with his army of noxious nuggets. The PSHCE show tours with a full set, lighting rig, digital sound system, bespoke puppets and props along with breathtaking magical illusions. It is an hilarious and engaging piece of edutainment that makes vegetables fun, colourful and exciting and engages with children through a mix of theatre, games, puppetry, music and drama to:

  • Talk about what they like and dislike.
  • Identify how food can be approached differently and diets can be improved.
  • Attain knowledge of the characteristics of fruit, vegetables and junk food.
  •  Gain an understanding of where food comes from, and how it is grown.


DSB Training is a Wirral based company specialising in all aspects of first aid and health and safety training. They can design, develop and deliver training courses for individuals, companies or schools and colleges and have extensive experience and specific resources for both students and teachers.

Training for students

With DSB Training your students can leave school with a fully accredited, recognised First Aid Qualification. They can provide emergency First Aid and Health and Safety awareness  courses and qualifications that students can take into the workplace to increase their employability.

Courses include:

  • Emergency First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
  • Health and Safety/Fire Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Stress Management


 HealthTec South West offers hands-on practical experience of science and health & social care (PSHCE) through true-to-life scenarios. With its specially equipped centre in Plymouth, students gain valuable knowledge and understanding of skills used by health professionals to enhance the curriculum through interactive learning. They learn how to use real hospital equipment, find out about NHS employment opportunities and discover the exciting role of a scene of crime officer.

A range of full and half-day courses at the centre in Plymouth offer a variety of interactive scenarios, delivered by qualified health professionals and practitioners, covering a wide spectrum of the 14-19 curriculum including Science, Health & Social Care, PSHEE and Citizenship.

Facilities include an ambulance, an A&E triage area, a hospital ward, rehabilitation room and a mock bedsit to allow students to get hands on in realistic simulations using authentic professional equipment. 


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