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Liam Moore, a commercial farmer for more than 30 years, introduces an exciting educational experience for young children. Inspired by observing his own children and their love of learning on the farm, he has created this unique service that brings the farmyard to the school ground. Liam uses his life experience and knowledge of farming to guide and motivate pupils to understand animals – how we use them, the food and clothing we obtain from them, their place in history and our modern society.


“Having the laying hens and the chicks in our school was a great asset to the children’s learning. It meant that the activities that we carried out were practical and had more meaning. We could use the hens as a basis for our literacy work, such as life cycles, instructions and diary writing. Liam was great, too. The children asked him many questions and he was always on hand to help. I would thoroughly recommend it!” Holtspur School, Beaconsfield


Mobile Farm Workshops – Experience a day of fun and learning with a visit from the Creature Curriculum Roadshow. Designed to complement and enhance the teaching of the National Curriculum, workshops are designed around topics being studied in the classroom.

Add value to your lessons with a mini farm – Mini farms provide children with a longer term active experience of caring for animals, introducing them to a new forum for observation and learning. Pupils of all ages can benefit.

English is encouraged as new experiences are described and recorded. Maths comes alive, as feed intakes and growth rates of living animals are calculated. Science becomes actionpacked as children study how animals behave and adapt. Geography takes on new meaning as pupils discover the origin and habitats of animals. Design and Technology develops as classes can help plan and construct their own mini farm.

How does it work? – Creature Curriculum can install and maintain a welfare-friendly mini farm within the school grounds, ensuring that both the teachers and the pupils have all the support they need. Children are involved in the setting up and running of their very own working farm. They will experience rearing chicks, lambs and piglets as well as producing and collecting their own free-range eggs. When school breaks up they take your farm away.

Imaginative teachers will be able to devise a host of lessons that can be reinforced with this living world.

Bookworm – Someone who enjoys reading books and gains knowledge from the written word

Earthworm – Someone who enjoys the natural world and gains knowledge from the practical experience

Remember your Earthworms

Please note: sessions take place completely within school grounds and animals are kept in secure pens. School Health and Safety policies are adhered to. Transport used is in compliance with The Welfare of Animals in Transit, and visits are authorised by DEFRA. Fully insured.


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  • All staff are CRB checked and approved.
  • Foundation, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 

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