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Maths Inspiration gives Year 11s and sixth formers a chance to experience the UK's most inspiring maths speakers live, in big venues, presenting mathematics in the context of exciting, real-world situations. Set up in 2004, the shows now attract over 12,000 pupils per year, and many schools make this their big STEM outing of the year.


“. . . the most informative, funny and engaging lectures I’ve gone to see.” Year 12 student, Nottingham

“Awesome!” Year 11, Reading


The shows are held in inspirational theatres and concert halls, and all have the same format: three interactive talks on topics that can range from the maths of designing rollercoasters to the links between maths and psychology. The shows last just under three hours, including a short interval and a lively Q&A session at the end. There's normally a choice of morning or afternoon shows. The speakers are all high quality presenters with plenty of experience giving talks to teenagers, and who have applied maths in diverse and fascinating ways within their careers.

Maths Inspiration not only provides a high quality maths field trip, but feedback from teachers and students has also confirmed that the entertaining but educational way in which the events are run can have a long-term impact on the attitudes of students to maths.


What about younger audiences?

If you want a flavour of the Maths Inspiration experience for pupils in Key Stage 2 or Key Stage 3, some of their speakers are available to travel to schools to give age-appropriate talks:

Rob Eastaway is the author of several bestselling books including Why Do Buses Come in Threes? And Maths for Mums & Dads. Rob gives maths and magic talks for primary children, and a variety of talks (on topics ranging from games and mind-reading to music) for Year 7 upwards. Contact him via his website

Matt Parker is a former teacher and now a stand-up comedian. Matt can tailor his highly motivational talks about The Simpsons, the fourth dimension and magic to all age groups. Contact him via his website

Colin Wright works with students from Year 9 upwards. His renowned talk on the maths of juggling works with all audiences older than 13, and he runs masterclasses on other topics too. Contact him via his website


Key information

  • Held in inspirational theatres/concert halls
  • Aimed at Years 11-13
  • Three top speakers with interactive talks on topics that engage teenagers
  • Tickets heavily subsidised, aiming to reach as diverse an audience as possible
  • Ideas that you can discuss for weeks afterwards 

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