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Run by Dr Jasmine Pradissitto, physicist and now international fine artist (, ProEducation was conceived in response to a passion for communicating seemingly difficult subjects practically, simply and creatively. Having worked with everyone from The BBC, and the Institute of Education to the Science Museum our approach is increasingly in demand from universities and LEA’s alike. All the tried and tested, the experiments have been perfected in schools and we are very flexible in our delivery.


“Dr Jasmine kept Year 8 and Year 9 on the edge of their seats during her highly theatrical and very hands-on demonstration…..The Art of Science talk proved to be breathtaking and the gasps of disbelief and wonder made for a highly charged atmosphere.” JAGS, London

Read a sample of the Year 9 comments at


'In a good experiment and a good piece of art, the unexpected happens'

It was Einstein who said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ and the current emphasis on the creative in teaching across the Key Stages is testament to this.


The Art of Science Hands-On Workshops and Shows - Using stunning and vivid demonstrations; lasers, rainbows, 3D bubbles etc., your children will experience and produce wonderfully individual data and artwork using scientific investigation and phenomena.


Mad Materials Hands-on Workshops and Shows - An exciting and noisy selection of experiments highlight the true awe of chemistry; exploding custard; skinny water; giant bubbles and more.

“We were delighted with the feedback. Some actually rang in asking how to repeat activities – brilliant!!”


Amazing Magical Science Hands-on Workshops and Shows - A selection of table top and very reproducible experiments which will astound, excite and make you laugh! Exploding water; balloon kebabs; screaming straws.


INSET/CPD Magical Science with The Art of Science - From Google to Apple to Pixar, simple creative skills are used to crystallise and communicate in ways that people simply ‘get’. Proven to stimulate the higher order scientific thinking skills, the activities focus upon ‘Physical Processes’ and ‘Materials’. They inspire and create understanding in scientific concepts in a different way…..whilst having some serious fun!


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  • Suitable for all ages-small and large groups
  • Delivered to over 2000 schools
  • Ideal for Special Needs
  • Cross curricular
  • CRB checked

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Telephone: 07973 230792
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