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ScienceWorks is designed to excite, educate and stimulate interest in science using hands-on experiments. It is run by Science Projects, a not for profit charity specialising in producing interactive exhibitions. They deliver ScienceWorks exhibitions to schools in support of the science curriculum and provide a cost effective and engaging service for Key stages 1, 2 & 3, Special schools, Teachers and INSET.


“I wanted to say how much we enjoyed the ElectricityWorks exhibition this week. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the experiments. Your professionalism and excellent communication was very much appreciated. I will most certainly be recommending your services to other Science co-ordinators.” Mary Evans, Science Co-ordinator, NW London Jewish Day School


Each exhibition consists of a set of portable interactive tabletop exhibits. There are six separate exhibitions covering Light, Electricity, Sound, Forces, Life and Materials with each containing twelve hands-on exhibits focusing on the National Curriculum Science programmes of study at key stages 1, 2 & 3. Each exhibition is designed to fit within a classroom and comes with a full set of detailed Teachers’ Notes.

Many schools organise sessions for infant classes and treat the exhibition as a whole school event. Secondary schools may host an exhibition in conjunction with their feeder primary and middle schools. This promotes good school links and an opportunity to share ideas. It is also excellent PR for the host school. The exhibitions can also be used to raise money as part of a fund-raising event in the school.


LightWorks Exhibition Mixing coloured light • Anamorphs • Pin-hole cameras • Light table • Model eyes • Frozen shadows • Optical fibres • Bendy mirrors • Mirror maze • Laser amazer • Mirror drawing • Zoetrope

ElectricityWorks Exhibition Circuits • Solar power • Conductors • Circuit tester • Generator • Morse code • Resistance • Wind power • Magnets & electricity • Static electricity • Human battery • Electromagnet

SoundWorks Exhibition Ear clangers • Wave • Vibrating string • Tea chest bass • Resonance • Model ears • Hearing test • Bucket radio • Tube tangle • Delay phone • Stereo hearing • Sound patterns

ForceWorks Exhibition Skid test • Magnets • Spinning tops • Pressure • Structures • Centre of gravity • Resolution • Balance table • Direction of forces • See stress • Pulleys • Magnetic pendulum

LifeWorks Exhibition Skeleton hand • Human torso • Digestion • Sunflower • Key • Animal vision • Animal sounds • Fossil find • Body parts • Video microscope • Reaction timer • Balance

MaterialWorks Exhibition Filters • Surfaces • Inappropriate materials • Types of materials • Compression bottles • Flow • Video microscope • Atoms • Insulation • Mixing • Viscosity • Change of state

Key information

  • Science Curriculum for KS 1, 2 & 3
  • Hands-on interactive exhibits
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Notes
  • Single class to whole school events
  • Cost effective

Additional Information

Address: Science Projects Ltd, 14 Colville Road, London W3 8BL
Telephone: 020 8741 7437
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