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Big Wheel Theatre Company use their own unique brand of interactive theatre combining performance with audience interaction to bring to life the topic in a way that is fun and informative for both students and teachers. The audience is totally involved in the show from beginning to end and our presenters are experts at getting even the shyest or most reluctant audiences involved.

Our shows are designed to:

  • Easily explore different themes and topics
  • Encourage thought and discussion
  • Deliver information in a unique and engaging format

We offer a range of interactive theatre shows for UK Primary, Secondary and SEN schools. Please scroll down this page to see information about the workshops we currently offer including,

Voulez-vous?! - FRENCH WORKSHOP


Voulez-vous?! is an adaptable show for all Primary and Secondary age groups and Key Stages.

This show is entirely interactive from the moment two French actors turn up at the school reception unable to speak anything but French.

The show is modelled on a TV holiday programme, including a hilarious game-show: a competition to win a family holiday. The show is interspersed with travel surveys, ad breaks, time checks, catchphrases, and a weather forecast.

Versions of Voulez-Vous?! have been frequently presented with great success for all key stages and for Special Needs schools. The actors are brilliant at adapting to the level of each group, both encouraging and stretching language use. Teachers and pupils are often amazed at how every group manages to enjoy themselves entirely in French for more than an hour!


PRIMARY - Spies, Lies and Pigeons
SECONDARY - Meaning in the Mud

These interactive workshops are designed to help students appreciate why we are marking the centenary of World War One.

Spies, Lies and Pigeons focuses on communication both between the home front and the trenches and also on the front line itself.  Students learn about censorship, how messages were sent,  the role of animals in the war and much more.

Meaning in the Mud looks at the way poets, dramatists, artists and novelists responded to the First World War and how the legacy of that war continues even now to influence writing and other art forms like cinema.  Through famous war poetry, art and literature we explore the way ‘the war to end all wars’ changed people’s attitiudes towards war itself.

This interactive workshop has been developed in association with the British Postal Museum and Archive who have provided a wealth of material for the workshop and an education pack.



Our three sustainable travel workshops Go! Go! Go!, Walk This Way! and Movin’ on Up! present key messages on independent and sustainable travel planning as well as road safety, in a way that is fun and exciting for the pupils.  All three shows address climate change, global warming and our impact on our planet with each one focusing on something slightly different.

And now introducing our new fouth show:

The Pollution Solution! A workshop designed in conjunction with the London Borough of Hillingdon that tackles climate change but also the growing problem of air pollution.  Particularly relevant to schools in built up areas where there are high Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulate levels, this workshop encourages students not only to travel to school in a sustainable way but also suggests ways they can help reduce existing levels of pollution by planting green walls, hedges and bushes.    

Each show is highly interactive, engaging and fun for the students taking part.  It’s a performance they will never forget!


Introduction to Shakespeare
Shakespeare and Tragedy

We offer two different interactive workshops and an interactive assembly all about the greatest entertainer of all time, William Shakespeare!

Introduction to Shakespeare

This workshop is perfect for students who are new to Shakespeare and is packed full of information about the comedies, histories and tragedies. We meet the characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream on a Jerry Springer style talk show, play the game show Three Steps to Heaven and reenact our own interactive version of Hamlet.  It’s a fun and fast paced show that leaves the students with an idea of how great Shakespeare really was!

Shakespeare and Tragedy

A more advanced workshop that focuses on the conventions of Shakespeare’s tragedies.  Plays featured include Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello and Romeo & Juliet.  There’s a surprise visit from three weird sisters, a disastrous banquet scene and a tragic death that all help to illustrate how relevant and universal Shakespeare’s themes are – even in the 21st century.

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