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An interactive musical experience through dynamics of African drumming, its history, cultural significance, rhythms and beat combinations. Provided and run by Afriquetone Limited, the project satisfies the requirements of the national curriculum on global Citizenship.

How it runs

It involves running drumming workshops to students at Schools over a designated period of time.

At the end of the designated time, students who have participated in the Workshops would demonstrate what they have learned by performing rehearsed and melodious rhythms at a concert in the School hall to the general public (friends and family). A short event can be created specially for the project.

A designated period could be over

  • 1 whole day  workshop
  • 5 day set of workshops
  • 1 or 2 days per week for 5 weeks workshop programme
  • Or other arrangements in consultation with the school

The Benefits

a) Community engagement through music
b) Enhancing cultural awareness and promoting global citizenship
c) Creating and promoting creative activities.
d) Enhancing Musical ability
e) Building confidence in School Children.

Expected Outcomes.

a) More Confident individuals
b) Enhanced musical ability for participants
c) A lot of fun and a memorable experience
d) A practical understanding of team work, effective communication, tolerance and respect.
e) Participants demonstrate confident contribution during the project

The Workshops/Drumming sessions
The workshops will teach participants how to play African drums, the cultural significance of the African drum, how to combine tones, support and create rhythms, work together as a group. It also involves  interesting and creative activities such as interactive drum and groups games. Pupils can be selected or grouped  by class, age etc.


The project could be funded by schools, local councils or by parents who could make a contribution for towards the cost.


Drumming sessions would be provided and run by Afriquetone Limited. We have successfully provided and run rhythm workshops to numerous schools in Scotland over the past 7 years,

Equipment which includes African drums and percussion instruments would be provided  by Afriquetone, or by the School, if they have the instruments. School children are also encouraged to bring any their own instruments as well. 



Additional Information

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Telephone: 1512007422
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Scotland, East, East Midlands, West Midlands, Greater London, Home Counties Yorkshire, North of England, North West, Northern Ireland, South West, Wales

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