Carl Merry, Talespinner

Storytelling is for everyone. We all live in the story of our own lives and relish the stories we are told by others. The old storytellers knew this and shaped their tales to fit the needs of their communities. Everyone learned from the wisdom contained in stories. Listeners young and old came together in an understanding of what it was to be part of a larger world and to appreciate many aspects of the human condition. Stories were told to entertain, educate, provide moral examples, develop imagination and transport listeners to “another place” so that they might better understand their own environment.

It is on this tradition that Carl bases his school visits. Much of our sense of belonging and identity has been lost with the march of “progress.” By bringing the old tales to young listeners Carl hopes to bring back some of the magic of these ancient storytellers. While he entertains school audiences he also uses the stories to show the children how others have perceived the world in which they live. By combining stories and mixing the funny with the thought provoking, the sad with the uplifting, Carl takes his audience on a journey they will remember and reflect upon.

Carl is available for single day or multiple visits as part of an ongoing project. He can work with pupils to create picture books based on traditional or original stories and can contribute to literacy days, arts and book weeks. When Carl visits a school he plans his tales carefully to fit the ages and requirements of your school’s curriculum. He is always willing to discuss the programme of stories and develop a set of stories around a chosen theme. His years as a teacher of English in secondary schools mean that he is aware of the need to plan each school’s programme individually and the importance of using the correct material to ensure a successful outcome.

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