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Dramatic Progress understands that sometimes teaching isn't enough, your students can look at you with a sense of "do you really know?" or their learning and development is restricted by time, assessments and other constant factors.

With Teaching and workshop experience across the age and ability range, Dramatic Progress uses Drama as the foundation for development. From teaching in nurseries and schools we have a variety of tried and tested programmes and workshops.

"An absolutely phenomenal day. The Children were completely engaged throughout the sessions and we had the workshops for a whole week. Absolutely fantastic, Thank you." Tonje Bjornas

All our workshops aim to take your students’ learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. All our workshops can be catered to half day, full day or carousel sessions.


Early Years and Nursery

Early Years Foundation stage is obviously an extremely important time for children to develop and the most common way children learn at this stage is through play. On a day to day basis children role play a variety of scenarios. So what better way to develop and engage your children than through drama?

Working with groups for up to an hour these sessions are dedicated to using drama to develop the 5 Cs:

- Confidence

- Communication

- Co-operation

- Co-ordination

- Concentration


Primary / Secondary

All our workshops aim to take your students’ learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. If you would like us to cater for a specific text or practitioner or requirement we do not offer, please feel free to ask. Workshops on offer:

A practical approach to Shakespeare- A practical approach to any Shakespearean text-specifically designed to improve students understanding of Shakespeare in English in year 8 or year 9 but can also be used if you are approaching Shakespeare in GCSE Drama.

Citizenship - A range of practical explorations for citizenship sessions or drama lessons including:  Cyber bullying, Drugs, HIV and AIDS, Knife Crime.

Shakespeare- Probably one of the most amazing playwrights of all time, but can sometimes disengage students. Allow us to help the students access and understand timeless classics.

Devising - What is your goal, what is their goal? Allow us to encourage the students to think beyond the classroom. A range of rehearsal techniques and practical approaches can be explored making students realise potential they maybe never had.


  • Complicite- Students will learn and explore a selection of techniques used by Simon McBurney and his company.
  • Stanislavski- Students will learn and explore a variety of techniques and processes developed by Stanislavski and his Moscow Arts Theatre.
  • Brecht- Students will learn and explore a range of techniques developed by Bertolt Brecht
  • Brook- Students will learn and explore the theories of Brook through practical study


Activity Days

Stage Combat - Give your students the opportunity to explore freely the art of stage combat with the basics. A great workshop which instils trust, discipline and focus.

Clowning - A fun workshop which looks at the art of clowning, using slapstick comedy and stereotype. A very entertaining workshop

Exam Stress - Sometimes we forget that the pressures of adolescence, exams and home life can get a little too much for our students. This workshop enables students to understand what stress is and learn ways to help them deal with the pressures of exams.



Woyzeck/Faustus/Lysistrata- A practical approach -
With a range of exploration and rehearsal techniques we can enlighten your students on how to achieve different directorial goals through rehearsal

Improve your Monologue/duologue - a selection of rehearsal techniques. Rehearsing alone can be tough. This workshop gives the students new approaches to improving their script. Please note that the students should have a basic understanding of their monologue before this workshop.

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