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In the past people were either born into the circus or had to run away with it. With the Circus for Schools workshop, circus skills are accessible to everybody. As well as being great fun and good exercise, learning and practising circus skills has other benefits. For instance:

  • Juggling, diabolo and plate spinning improve both hand/eye and general co-ordination.
  • Improves reflexes
  • Walking on the tightrope and stilts helps balance, posture and body awareness.
  • The speed with which students learn skills leads to an amazing sense of personal achievement and confidence.
  • Group activities give students a chance to be part of a team, with each persons input as valuable as the next.

“Thank you for a wonderful day. The children loved the show and have been practicing their circus skills ever since. we appreciate the effort you put into the day.” Lindsay Rawlinson, Trawden Forest Primary School.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and there was plenty for them to do. The whole school demonstration at the beginning and end of the day was great.” Miss Lamport, Walverden Primary School.

Mick "Fudge" Chapman has been performing and teaching circus skills since 1989. In this time he and his colleagues have worked with thousands of people, of ALL ages and abilities, in hundreds of schools and colleges throughout Britain. With skills taught at all levels everyone can achieve success and progress at their own pace in a supportive, non-competitive environment. The novelty of these workshops helps students with concentration problems to focus for longer and in order to succeed fully participants need to work together promoting co-operation and communication. The excitement and stimulation created in these sessions has a knock-on effect which can be seen in other lessons. Workshop formats and good teaching methods are constantly being developed to ensure an excellent quality of service.

Workshops are available all year round and can be tailored to your school/college's needs, from short taster sessions with several groups in one day to more in depth work with one group over a longer period of time. Exact costs depend on your school’s needs and location but as a guide prices start from just £250 for a full school day.

Circus Fudge focus on safety as well as education with all activities fully risk assessed and covered by public liability insurance. All members of staff have CRB clearance. 

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