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Beeja means ‘seed’ in Hindi. It carries with it a sense of transformation and the start of life. In keeping with its name, the company Beeja aims to generate new ideas and creative ways of working with South Asian dance theater forms.

“Beeja’s contribution was inspiring and professional, enabling 30 young and inexperienced pupils to perform a piece of real artistic quality and value at a major local theatre.” Soo Beer Music Co-ordinator, The Priory and Advanced Skills Teacher for LB of Merton

“Both teachers and staff thoroughly enjoyed the workshops you carried out in schools I have never seen the children so inspired and deeply involved in their dancing. It was lovely.” Rachel Cooke, Moorlands School Southampton


Beeja a collective, draws on the skills of its members — bharatanatyam, bollywood, Indian folk, body conditioning like pilates and yoga, visual arts, music and design — as well as including storytellers and spoken text. It seeks to develop a distinctive way of working that will offer an all-round experience.

Beeja  choreographs for a diverse range of traditional and innovative spaces and has performed in major theatres, museums and even the London Underground. Beeja creates workshops and residencies for professionals, schools, hospitals, special needs groups and corporate employees. The idea is to create new experiences for the audience, new forms and performers by creating work for new environments.

Beeja’s workshops and residencies aim to share the enjoyment of dance, drama and music inspired by South Asian artistic practice. Beeja has extensive experience in working in a wide variety of educational and community setting – schools, museums & community centres.

In bharatanatyam workshops the participants experience movements that capture the alignment and expressive beauty of the form. All sessions are accompanied by a percussionist on 'mridungam', a south Indian drum. Activities include experiencing the basic principles of rhythm and melody; enhancing interpersonal skills by working on the emotive aspect of this dance theatre; exploring creative aspects of dance in relation to a relevant topic, or theme.

Beeja can deliver One day, or half a day workshops or after school clubs and theme based residencies. The workshop format is devised in consultation with the organisers ensuring that the participants get opportunity to experience and explore the form in a creative and enjoyable manner. Ideally these are conducted by a dancer and a musician or two dancers.

Their INSET training sessions are tailored to support the national curriculum and the needs of the teachers. The programme teaches elements of repertoire and technique. It provides teachers with skills and confidence to incorporate elements and appreciation of Indian classical or folk dance into their teaching.

Key information

  • South Asian Dance and Drama
  • Workshops, performance and INSET
  • Supports National Curriculum
  • In School or After School provision
  • Half or Full day sessions

Additional Information

Address: Beeja, 25 Umfreville Road, London N4 1RY
Telephone: 020 8372 3268
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