The Dove Service

Published on 27-02-2018 05:25PM

The Dove Service

Educating young people and children through times of change or loss

Founded in 1984 by Dr Linda Machin, the Dove Service is one of the UK’s leading bereavement and loss counselling charities providing services to all people in the community from the age of 4 upwards. They work in Wirral offering counselling and support to anyone struggling with the impact of bereavement, significant loss, or life changing/limiting illness.

Many people benefit from counselling services that provide a safe, confidential environment to explore all aspects of loss. They can work with you, whether you yourself are experiencing a loss or if you are struggling to cope with a loss involving your family, carers, friend or anything that has impacted you personally.

Dove counsellors will work creatively to find ways of supporting you to express your emotions and explore how you feel about what is happening around you. Spend your session chatting or use skills – like drawing, painting or writing – to help you express your feelings. You could also use a dolls house, sand trays, puppets etc.  Because it’s your session, your time, and your feelings, you are the one who decides and because it’s your counselling, the contents of your sessions stay confidential.

Dove have counselling services at Pensby and Seacombe Children’s Centres. If you know someone who may benefit from their services please call 01782 683155 for further information