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New for the North West area, Zoo2U bring a range of exotic animals into the classroom! Ideal for school educational talks, we are a Mobile Zoo that offers a unique Animal Experience!  Zoo2U is a family run business with a heart for educating children and adults about wildlife.   

We are fully aware of the difficulties involved with taking children out of school. We also understand the benefits children gain from sensory learning.  Our ability to bring exotic live animals into your classroom is unique to the north west area and will enhance many curriculum topics.

Originating from different parts of the world, the collection comprises of a mixture of different species, including meerkats, prairie dogs, a raccoon, pygmy hedgehogs, reptiles and birds.  Different times of the year will sometimes mean a change of species, but there will always be a good variety of animals for the children to see and handle.

This is a unique opportunity to provide a real live animal experience that children can interact with in the safe and controlled environment of your school.  The display works best as a class activity, rather than a year group, but we are always happy to discuss options that best suit your needs.

The animals at Zoo2U are all captive bred and handled from young. This means that the children are able to handle and stroke the animals, while at the same time being a very educational experience.

Having a mixture of mammals, birds and reptiles, our workshops are a great way to cover curriculum topics such as food chains, biodiversity, habitats, geography, prey and predator and many more.  With advance notice we will tailor-make a display to fit in with your classroom needs.

For the visually impaired, young children and people with special needs, "textures" is a popular subject as all the animals can be touched and stroked.

This unique opportunity is a valuable learning tool that you can bring into your school to teach children about the life of animals and how they have adapted and evolved, while at the same time being fun and interactive as an experience they will never forget.
We cover a wide area including Staffordshire, Cheshire and Lancashire; also reaching major cities such as Manchester. Liverpool, Stoke and Chester.

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Telephone: 07904832591
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