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Wyldes Noyse, consisting of father and daughter Chris & Lizzie Gutteridge, is the nucleus of a group of musicians who, between them, can provide music on authentic instruments and in period dress from medieval times right up to the 19th century. They concentrate mainly, but not exclusively, on the popular repertoire enjoyed by ordinary people.


“Lizzie I thought that was incredible yesterday. The children really enjoyed it and were talking about it all day. They also learnt a great deal and I thought the whole thing worked brilliantly. I came away in a Christmas mood and I will certainly consider having you in again another time. The children are really motivated this year and really have enjoyed the whole topic. If I think of any improvements I'll pass them on but I was too busy enjoying the music. Thank you very much” Dan Bates, St John's Green Primary School, Colchester 

The duo is also available for entertaining musically illustrated talks, and for demonstrations and workshops in schools. Covering social history and the history of European popular music from earliest times up to the nineteenth century. Opportunities can be provided for active participation in musical improvisation and performance, and dance.


New Xmas Tudor Music Workshops


This year Wyldes Noyse present their new program for Xmas Tudor Music Workshops. New tunes, new songs, new dances and new costumes bring a fresh sound and look to the workshops we have been providing to schools across Essex and beyond for the last 5 years. The spring will also see a new program for our spring and summer term workshops so if you're due to “do” Tudors later in the year do get in touch when the time comes.


Wyldes Noyse are a father and daughter team, Chris and Lizzie Gutteridge, who have been performing historical music together for the last decade. The combination of Chris' lifelong fascination with the history of ordinary people and musicians and Lizzie's teaching and workshop leading training and experience make their sessions an entertaining and educational introduction to the music and musicians of Tudor times.


Lizzie and Chris can visit your school in colourful authentic costumes and perform to pupils on authentic reproduction instruments including shawms, sackbut, cornett, lysard, bagpipes, crumhorn and serpent, early recorders, lute, cittern, viella, and harp. They will explain how each instrument works, how it compares to modern instruments and who would have played it, where and when.


Each session also includes interactive, hands-on activities such as playing ostinati along with tunes on drums and stringed instruments, singing an original Tudor song and learning a dance. Music is also provided in advance for pupils who have instrumental lessons to learn tunes that will be played in the sessions so that they can bring their own instruments along to join in.

Middle Ages and Medievil Workshops 

Wyldes Noyse can also provide Workshops for periods throughout the Medievil ages...just ask! 

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