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Dawn Powell is a performance storyteller who tells traditional stories in an energetic and contemporary way.  She has been running arts workshops in primary schools for over 15 years and telling stories to all ages for over five years.

She tells traditional stories from across the world and delivers workshops that are customised to support a specified outcome: nurture a love of stories; improve speaking and listening skills; develop creative writing skills; or enhance creativity.

She has a broad repertoire of traditional stories suitable for all ages but she has a particular fondness for dark and shocking stories made accessible through humour and playful interaction with the audience.

I tell stories that are drawn from a range of cultures. I can choose stories for the occasion, or provide set of stories that connect to themes.  I can usually find stories to fit your themes. Providing you give me enough preparation time I can also add in specific stories of your choice.

I tell stories at Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools and can differentiate at each key stage. Stories told to older children are generally more complex and layered and can be longer. Stories told to younger children are highly interactive and might include percussion, songs or finger puppets. Most stories are about 10-20 minutes duration. Storytelling can take place indoors or out of doors and can also take the form of a story walk.   

Visits are planned to fit in around your day; they can be as short as one hour, half a day, a full day or be staggered over a term. 

A day visit is for a day is a maximum of Four performances of 60 minutes or five of 40 - 50 minutes sessions, it is possible to combine storytelling performances with a workshop.

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Telephone: 01743 350505
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