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Workshops for Schools offer a tailor made service to all educational settings providing specific Artists for any school event, whether it is curriculum based or extended school provision. WFS can cater for every eventuality including: Healthy Schools weeks, Sports Events, Creative, Cultural and International experiences. We also provide many popular, interactive workshops, tried and tested in schools across the country for pupils of all ages.


“Creativity, movement, health and wellbeing have always been uppermost in my thinking and teaching. Having the opportunity to develop this further was the start of this exciting venture and the birth of Workshops for Schools and Nurseries.” Adele Deane, B.Ed Hons


Each practitioner or artist engaged by WFS has experience working in educational settings and are able to provide workshops that are fun, exciting, challenging and memorable. WFS was established to answer a growing demand from schools for more specialist work for children in the form of creative workshops. It began with Yoga, then specialist Science workshops and now incorporates a wide range of creative ideas and activities delivered either as regular clubs, hourly sessions, whole or half day workshops, artist in residence weeks, staff in service training events and much more.

Healthy School workshops offered children a chance to experience the delights of: yoga, rest and relaxation, Tai Chi and Massage. Classes are designed to stimulate children’s powers of imagination, maintain their natural flexibility and teach them to breathe correctly. This helps to promote improved concentration levels, better sleep patterns and greater self-esteem!

The aim at WFS is to tailor work to each school or organisation’s specific needs and this is what makes WFS different. The range of curriculum areas and skills offered is extensive and we deliver many forward looking and innovative projects. Our practice is creative, developmental and offers progression wherever possible. Many workshops encourage team work, collaborative work as well as individual nurturing.

We can offer Yoga, Peer Massage (MISP) Rest and Relaxation Programmes, All forms of Dance, Drama, Visual and Expressive Art Workshop, Crafts, Science/DT, International workshops, cultural music sessions, as well as artist in residence projects. We can also plan and deliver extended school and transitional projects specifically to meet the needs of individuals settings.

WFS objectives are:

• To meet curriculum requirements

• Provide knowledge and develop skills

• Provide fun, interactive and hands on opportunities to enhance learning

• To cater for different learning styles and learning needs

• To provide inclusive activities accessible to all

As Primary teachers we are sensitive to individual and specific needs and have had extensive experience of providing relevant and stimulating activities. Our presenters are adaptable, flexible, and patient, and work extensively in schools during Healthy School Events, Science Weeks, Arts Weeks, Book Weeks and National Events, Sports Events, Cultural Weeks, Eco Events, International Weeks, Transitional Projects, Gifted and Talented Projects.


Key information

  • Long established experienced workshop provider
  • Wide variety of workshop subjects
  • Experienced Primary School practitioners
  • Bespoke workshop design
  • CRB Checked staff
  • Workshops beneficial to group and individuals

Additional Information

Address: Workshops For Schools, 26 Brentford Road, Solihull, T91 1UJ
Telephone: 0121 705 5640
Listed in the following categories: * PSHCE
* Literature » Author Visits
* Heritage and Cultures » African
* Heritage and Cultures » Drumming
* Environment and Nature » Animal
* Literature » Shakespeare
* Performing Arts » Music
* Media » Film
* Performing Arts » Puppet
* Performing Arts » Dance
* Environment and Nature » Ecology
* Environment and Nature » Forest
* Creative Arts » Graffiti
* Heritage and Cultures » Asian
* Performing Arts » Circus
* PSHCE » Cooking
* Performing Arts » Theatre
* Creative Arts » Animation
* Literature » Storytelling
* Performing Arts » Drumming
* Creative Arts » Mosaics
* Creative Arts » Art
* PSHCE » Teambuilding
* PSHCE » Health
* Heritage and Cultures » History
* PSHCE » Fitness
* Environment and Nature » Junk
* Heritage and Cultures » Aboriginal
* Languages » French
* Creative Arts » Craft
* Sport and Recreation » Capoeira
* PSHCE » Martial Arts
* Creative Arts » Painting
* Environment and Nature » Recycling
* Heritage and Cultures » Shakespeare
* Creative Arts » Willow
* Creative Arts » Pottery
* Creative Arts » Sculpture
* Media » Video
* Performing Arts » Carnival
* Performing Arts » Stage combat
* Performing Arts » Comedy
* Heritage and Cultures » Caribbean
* Performing Arts » Steel Drums
* PSHCE » Creative Play
* Heritage and Cultures » Black History
* Heritage and Cultures » Victorian
* Performing Arts » Didgeridoo
* Performing Arts » Drama
* Performing Arts » Street Dance
* Environment and Nature » Environmental
* Sport and Recreation » Cheerleading
* Heritage and Cultures » Australia
* Sport and Recreation » Fencing
* PSHCE » Meditation
* PSHCE » Yoga
The area/s in which this provider is available are:West Midlands, East Midlands, London

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