The Oil Game

The Oil Game workshop facilitates approximately three hours that focuses attention on our current oil dependent society and explores how we might move beyond this dependency as individuals, local communities and nationally.

This is achieved through a series of fun drama and art-based activities that aim to get participants to delve into unexamined assumptions about our oil-dependent lifestyles and explore how we could move towards a more sustainable less oil-dependent world.

Part 1 of the workbook describes the oil game, a fun activity that gets us thinking about what we use oil for and just how important it is in our everyday lives. Get ready to rethink!

Part 2 explores our relationship with oil in our everyday lives. We tell some oil-user stories and find out things that might surprise us - how did we get to be so dependent on oil?

Part 3 looks at how we might change. We get to meet people from the future and find exciting ways to do things differently. What choices will you want to make in your vision of the future?

The workbook can be used by teachers, other educational professionals and children from Year 6 upwards. The workbook includes notes on linking with the National Curriculum and expanding the workbook into other activities.

Ultimately the aim of the workbook is to engage the participants, inviting them to consider:

• The impact of oil dependency

• The concept of peak oil and scarce/unreliable supply

• Any personal responses and/or actions they may be inspired to take as a result of what they discover


The workshop is intended to be used as a starting point for facilitators to deliver their own workshops tailored to the needs of different groups. The material in the workbook can be adapted to the needs of different age ranges in schools and for adults - such as community groups. People with limited knowledge about the subject matter may rely on the workbook with confidence; and for subject matter experts the creative approach to workshop delivery will provide fresh ideas for explaining the topics.

Equally there are trained facilitators happy to come and deliver the workshop in your school.

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