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Workabooks are a range of 10 homework books in literacy and mathematics. There are 5 books for each subject for Years 2 to 6. They will simplify how you set homework and maximise the opportunities for learning and revision.

“I can’t imagine us doing homework any other way now.” Jo Puddy Wells, Head Teacher

"Workabooks are perfect for consolidating, practising and revisiting what’s been learned in the classroom. They are a really good learning resource.” Mrs S Nettey, Head Teacher, Princess Frederica Primary School, Brent, London

“Implementing both literacy and numeracy works out at about 26p per child per week. I think that is money well spent!” Ian Young, Head Teacher


Workabooks are bought and issued by schools, with every child having their own copy to keep and complete. Each week, teachers can select which Workabook tasks to set as homework. These are divided into learning exercises, practice exercises and thinking tasks:


• Learning exercises are manageable, bite-sized chunks of learning

• Practice exercises consolidate class work and reinforce the learning facts

• Thinking tasks apply the learning to everyday life


Most children should be able to complete one of each of these tasks every week within the homework times suggested by the DCFS; the content complies with the Revised Primary National Strategies.


Schools like the fact that they offer a simple, single solution to implementing homework; they’re using them to establish consistent standards of homework school-wide.

Teachers like Workabooks because they simplify the setting of homework and dramatically reduce preparation time. With Workabooks, homework becomes an extension of classwork, consolidating the work already done.

Children take pride in owning their own Workabook and get a sense of achievement from working their way through the tasks. Workabooks introduce them to the responsibilities of managing their time and working independently. Over the course of the year, their Workabooks build into a record of their personal work and achievements.

Parents and carers are enthusiastic about Workabooks because they can see clearly what their child is learning. This clarity and simplicity encourages them to get even more involved in their child’s education.

Whether it’s done at home or in an after-school club, alone or with help, Workabook homework is always engaging, always relevant.

Key information

  • Valuable curriculum-based homework resource
  • Compliant with national maths/literacy strategies
  • Cost effective, convenient and time saving
  • Promotes pupil ‘ownership’ of homework
  • Encourages parental support and participation 

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