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The WildWise team has over 17 years experience of environmental education, project and event management, and training in the public and private sectors. This guarantees that any event will be of the highest quality. In addition to our own staff, we have a national network of consultants that have a wealth of expertise and knowledge of environmental education, event organisation and working with diverse groups of people.


"WildWise has brought an invaluable experience of Nature to my students over the years - invaluable skills taught by down to earth human beings have brought them to a deeper understanding of their connection with the wild. Wisdoms received by the campfire in story and song have brought them closer to each other and to the earth under their feet. They have gained confidence and humility through the experience and they leave the camp more rooted in their natural inheritance than they came." - JAMES OXER, St Lukes Science and Sports College


WildWise provide inspiring and informative education programmes for groups of up to 25. The options range from bite-sized sessions (day/half day) to longer camping events (24 hrs up to 4 days), at a location to suit you. We also run Forest School activities in Dartington.

All the activities are listed below. We are happy to talk through them and suggest those that are most appropriate. To arrange an event or course with your school or group, please call or email.

Bite-Sized Educational Activities:

Nightwalk - A guided walk that blends naturalist activity with educational games and storytelling. A dramatic encounter with the nocturnal world, full of wildlife, surprises and a pinch of magic!

Earthwalk - A dynamic and refreshing activity-walk that focuses on the wonder of the natural world through our senses. Highly informative, it's ideal for children/families.

Nature Awareness - tracking/stalking/wildlife observation. Learn some fieldcraft tips that will get you closer to wildlife. A practical and experiential approach, the wide-ranging skills taught will enable you to maximise your wildlife encounters.

Bushcraft - The fascinating art and science of living from the land. These are hands-on, practical skills sessions to build confidence and experience. From fire-lighting to shelter-building, bushcraft offers the student of all ages an extraordinary experience of nature.

Naturalist Study - Traditional guided walks, talks and activities focused around species and habitats. Flowers, trees, ponds, hedgerows, heaths, rivers, coast, invertebrates, fungi, mammals, birds, reptiles etc.

Natural Talent - An activity-walk designed to draw upon the creative inspiration that nature provides - a dynamic exploration of a natural setting, to bring out the artist in everybody.

Storytelling - Traditional tales inspired by the natural world, customized to suit a theme, interpret a habitat and enrich an event. Potent, spell-binding and hugely enjoyable, storytelling sessions are a perfect complement to events, courses and workshops.

Nature Games - Learning about nature whilst having fun! Drawn from a variety of sources, these sessions are educational ice-breakers, attuning a group to the natural world in a startling and effective way.

Resource Walk - A highly informative and educational walk on the uses of plants and trees for food, medicines, tools and artefacts.


Longer Camping Events and Courses

Wild Nights Out (up to 24 hours, usually 5pm to 11am the next day)

These overnight wildlife camps are a cross-cultural, action-packed experience accessible to all client groups. Made famous in all the broadsheets and on BBC Television, these events will introduce you to nature in ways that will challenge your perceptions.

Spectacular, exclusive Devon locations, impeccable service and a host of enjoyable interactions with the natural world have created the reputation of Wild Nights Out as an experience you will never forget! Ideal for families.  

Wet'n'Wild Nights Out

The same unforgettable formula located in a coastal environment. This time, though, we immerse you into a marine theme, taking you for rock-pool rambles, beachcombing expeditions and enjoying beach barbeques while the sun is setting over the sea…

The Wild Ones (8-16yrs) (2-5 days)

A new course that studies ancient ways. An exciting opportunity to learn and practise traditional, outdoor skills in a flexible programme of bushcraft and nature awareness. This experience works best for smaller numbers and guarantees to powerfully build young people's relationship to nature, themselves and each other.

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