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Whether you are interested in being in front of or behind the camera our Film School will give you an insight into the exciting world of film and TV. Learn how to perform in front of the camera and write, produce, direct and shoot a film using professional digital cameras. Teamwork is the key and at UK Film School we encourage students to communicate, co-operate and share responsibilities. Filmmaking is a fantastic opportunity or groups to learn new skills in a fun and creative environment. Filmmaking boosts self esteem and confidence, creates bonds and friendships within a group and enables teambuilding and leadership skills to be developed and enhanced.

Director and student mentor Gary Halliday has created a range of courses suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Gary is an actor and director with over 20 year’s experience of working in film and T.V. He established UK Film School 5 years ago as a response to requests from some of his drama students to provide a film making experience for them. Gary works alongside experienced filmmakers who use state of the art equipment and technology to provide professional mentoring to students in a fun and creative environment. 

Our team are industry professionals who have extensive experience and lots of enthusiasm for working with young people and adults from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. They all have enhanced CRB clearance and have undergone safeguarding training. We provide filmmaking experiences to schools, colleges and other organisations. We have helped schools to inspire some of their more difficult to reach students who may be receiving learning support or facing other challenges and many of the films that we have made with students continue to be used as teaching tools for many years.

 We can provide many different filmmaking experiences depending on your aims, objectives and budget. We’ve put together some options that have proved popular with schools and organisations however we welcome requests to provide bespoke courses to incorporate your specific needs.

A DAY OF FILMMAKING TASTER SESSIONS (from £4.50 per student)

 Our Taster sessions run throughout the day for 40- 50 minutes (i.e. a lesson period) for groups of up to 30 students. This option has proved very popular with teaching staff and students as the sessions can be easily fitted into the school timetable and take place in the school hall or drama studio.

 Our director/mentor and camera operator recreate a working film set and demonstrate to the group how a film set works, how to set up shots, the roles of the crew and actors and will provide an inspiring and realistic insight into the career opportunities available in the film and T.V. industry.  

Each group is given the opportunity to take part in some filming with volunteers from the group taking the roles of actors and film crew. Our taster sessions give students a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of performing to camera and operating the camera and sound equipment.

THE “FILM IN A DAY” EXPERIENCE (from £25 per student) 

This is an action packed day of a full range of filmmaking and drama experiences for a group of up to 120 students that can easily be cross curriculum based and results in the group producing a short, high quality film in a day. The day provides 4 core film making activities; filming, special effects make up and props, an editing workshop and acting and performance workshops. 

The filming takes place throughout the day with our director/mentor and camera operator/mentor and the students can choose which other activities and workshops they would like to take part in during the day. All the activities support and contribute to the final film that is presented to the group in a professionally edited form after the event. We can also arrange for the finished film to be screened at a special VIP Premiere at a local cinema e.g. Odeon, Cineworld with the group, their family and friends in attendance.

 Recently we’ve provided imaginative and engaging film making days for a whole year group in collaboration with the English and Drama departments to cover a set text (see the Frankenstein film on our website) , to inspire and support difficult to reach students who are receiving learning support and to provide a creative and fun learning experience for an Enterprise day.

5 DAY FILM SCHOOL (from £213.00 per student per week or £43.00 per day)

 Our popular, intensive, 5-day film school provides a great introduction to filmmaking for young people (aged from 11 years) and adults. In order to provide the best possible experience for the group the ratio of mentors to students is at least 2 to every 15 students. Whether students are interested in being in front of or behind the camera our 5 day course will give them a fascinating insight into the world of film and T.V.

 With the help of a director/mentor and camera operator/mentor the group will learn how to perform in front of a camera and write, produce, direct and shoot a film using professional digital cameras. By the end of the course the group will have experienced the excitement and responsibility of being part of a professional film crew and will have produced a short film that can be screened at a special VIP Premiere at a local cinema e.g. Odeon, Cineworld with the group, their family and friends in attendance. After professional editing each member of the group is presented with a copy of their film on DVD.


Our course director Gary Halliday draws on his extensive experience as a professional actor to deliver innovative acting and drama workshops for young people and adults. He has appeared on T.V. (including roles in ‘Eastenders’ ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘The Bill’) in Film (including a starring role in the acclaimed British film ‘Plato’s Breaking Point’), Theatre (he took the lead role in ‘Macbeth’ at the prestigious Riverside Studios Theatre in London) and BBC Radio. Gary believes in treating all members of each group he mentors as professional actors from the outset. This approach enables him to fully engage the group and bring out each students potential whatever their ability or experience in a fun, creative and artistically fulfilling environment.


 “The workshops were a great success and the students gained much experience and expertise in areas needed in order to prepare them for their examination assessment. The students were actively involved throughout the workshop activities both as practicalperformers and as audience / onlookers being equally as important as part of the overall drama process. 

After the workshops, the students did not stop talking and feeding back about the thoroughly positive, constructive and enjoyable experience that they had had together with how helpful it had been to their drama study work and their overall understanding of drama as an art form.

I was personally able to carry out a lot of useful follow up work as a result of these workshops in order to help the students further prepare for their exam studies and their attitude and determination to achieve their best has been greatly enhanced by this extremely useful and informative experience.

Gary's workshops proved to be a great learning experience for all involved and above all fun in learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others who wish to benefit from his skills and expertise.“

TONY RICKELL, Director of Drama, Northampton School for Girls

Health and Safety 

Health and Safety is of utmost importance to us therefore to ensure the group have the best possible experience we do require that a member of staff from the school or organisation is in attendance at all times during our courses. UK film school hold all necessary insurances including public liability insurance.


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