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Our specialists engage with the children’s imagination and provide them with a hands-on approach to learning.

Thy English Academy produce creative and educational workshops for children, bespoke projects for teachers and community associations with Art, English, Drama and Music. The workshops incorporate core elements of the National Curriculum for the creative subjects to produce activities where children are simultaneously having fun while learning. Local community organisations involve our team to bring exciting projects to life as well as celebrate annual occasions and events in a colourful and entertaining way.

Thy English Academy Workshops are secured with public liability insurance and all our staff are approved with an enhanced DBS disclosure.


Our workshops engage with children’s imagination and provide them with a hands-on approach. Children explore and enjoy the creative world where freedom of expression is encouraged using a variety of media and text. We understand how children learn and their thirst for entertainment; The English Academy Workshop endeavour to stimulate cognitive development in young minds which motivates their behaviour towards academic and personal growth.

Workshops are designed for children from Nursery to Key Stage 1 and 2. Examples of the ideas we collaborate into our English and/or Art workshop for schools include:

  • Poetry
  • Literature; Classical books
  • Stained Glass Art
  • Famous Artists
  • Shakespeare and Plays
  • Animation Favourites
  • Story Writing;
  • Story Telling
  • Mosaic
  • Pottery and Clay
  • Still Life and Portraits
  • Life and Culture
  • Face Masks
  • Fantasy Literature and Art
  • Natural Sculpture
  • Animal Lovers – Craft and Colour
  • Seasonal Workshops; Christmas, Easter, Festivals and Celebrations
  • Art Medium: Explore colour, tools, materials and substances

"The mask making workshop was exactly tailored to the needs of my class. Good communication prior to the session  ensured that the facilitators knew precisely what our required outcome was. They were very well organised and resourced for the workshop, having obviously put a lot of time and effort into preparing for it." - Miss V. MacDonald; Year 5 Teacher; St Luke's Primary School

"It was a really positive experience for the children, they learned/refined lots of skills but just as important it was fun and they really enjoyed it.  It was also really useful for me as a teacher to pick up tips and skills which I can bring to my future practice." - Miss V. MacDonald; Year 5 Teacher; St Luke's Primary School

Additional Information

Address: Whitmore Room, 2 College Place, Forest School, E17 3PY
Telephone: 07882 937483
Listed in the following categories: * Heritage and Cultures » African
* Heritage and Cultures » Drumming
* Literature » Shakespeare
* Performing Arts » Music
* Performing Arts » Dance
* Creative Arts » Graffiti
* Heritage and Cultures » Asian
* Creative Arts » Animation
* Literature » Storytelling
* Creative Arts » Mosaics
* Literature
* Creative Arts » Art
* Heritage and Cultures » History
* Heritage and Cultures » Aboriginal
* Creative Arts » Craft
* Creative Arts » Painting
* STEM » Maths
* STEM » Problem Solving
* Environment and Nature » Recycling
* Heritage and Cultures » Shakespeare
* Creative Arts » Willow
* Creative Arts » Pottery
* Creative Arts » Sculpture
* Media » Video
* Performing Arts » Carnival
* Creative Arts » Carnival Arts
* Heritage and Cultures » Spanish
* Heritage and Cultures » Caribbean
* Literature » Literacy
* Heritage and Cultures » Black History
* Heritage and Cultures » Roman
* Heritage and Cultures » Victorian
* Performing Arts » Drama
* Performing Arts » Street Dance
* Heritage and Cultures » Zulu
* Heritage and Cultures » Australia
* Literature » Poetry
* Heritage and Cultures » WW2
* Heritage and Cultures » Vikings
* Heritage and Cultures » Saxons
* Heritage and Cultures » Ancient Greeks
* Heritage and Cultures » Egyptian
* Heritage and Cultures » Archaeology
* Heritage and Cultures » American History
* Literature » Scriptwriting
* Heritage and Cultures » The Seaside
* Heritage and Cultures » Pirates
* Creative Arts » Photography
* Heritage and Cultures » Medieval
* Heritage and Cultures » Castles
* Heritage and Cultures » The Tudors
* Heritage and Cultures » WW1
* Heritage and Cultures » Stone Age
* Heritage and Cultures » Prehistory
* Heritage and Cultures » Myths and Legends
* Heritage and Cultures » Poland
* Heritage and Cultures » Samba
* Heritage and Cultures » Indian Dance
* Heritage and Cultures » Plague and Fire
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, East, South West, Home Counties,

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