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Thinkers in Education design and deliver specialist hands-on workshops to inspire and challenge students through exciting STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) activities. Our themed activity days place students in the heart of an exciting story and unlock unique opportunities to introduce time-effective, exciting and emotive learning experiences.

With thrilling CSI Mysteries, exciting Space Adventures and suspenseful Survival Horrors – there is a wide range of unique workshops to involve all ages.  The level of engagement is extraordinary.

Each event can be delivered as a specialist programme for Gifted and Talented education or as a carefully differentiated STEM version.

We have been recommended by every host school for over a decade.


Target:Mars is an exciting Space Adventure workshop - designed to challenge and develop Creative Thinkers in STEM subjects.


Our events...

Our events are highly focussed, finely honed 1-5 day workshops. They allow schools to meld creative teaching and learning styles with the use of the latest, genuinely exciting equipment (biotechnology, robotics, voting systems etc) in ways they may not yet have explored or been able to afford before.

All events have exciting movie-like scenarios and game-like challenges to maximise engagement.  All are structured to enrich and extend curriculum content. All develop Higher Order Thinking skills and ensure learning is a result of problem solving.

The immediate benefit for schools hosting our programmes is that students will motivated by an extraordinary experience - that will make an impact on their perception of learning and of STEM subjects in the future.  Our activities ensure your targets for Able, STEM and Gifted & Talented provision are easily met.

The long-term benefit is that teachers have an opportunity to observe and discuss an array of effective questioning techniques, activity designs and assessment strategies.  Our style of provision can be adapted and applied to everyday lessons as part of the school development plan. 

Our aim is to motivate students and inspire teachers with learning that is fascinating, challenging and relevant.



Single-STEM-Sessions (5 x 1 hour sessions repeated in a day): Blood Analysis, Electronic Sensor Design, ELISA Testing & REDOX Reactions

Double-STEM and G&T Sessions (2 x 2 hour sessions repeated in a day): Space Pioneers, Go Engineering, The Pandemic, CSI Body in the Box & CSI Blood Pool

Full-Day STEM and G&T Sessions (Lasting 5 hours per day): CSI - Dead on Time, Target Mars Space Adventure & Bunkered Disaster Survival

Workshops for year groups: Killer Coaster Enterprise & Engineering Workshop, The Space Race Engineering & Enterprise Workshop and CSI Forensic Science

Summer & Holiday Schools:  CSI Dead on Time 2-5 Day & Target Mars Space Adventure 2-5 Day workshops

BTEC Level 3 Forensic Science: 1-3 Day Programmes

A Successful Activity Day...

  • Delivers an extraordinary experience that motivates and enthuses students
  • Inspires teachers with new strategies and techniques to trial in their own lessons
  • Identifies the strengths of each pupil and provides reports the school can use
  • Develops higher order thinking, team building and communication skills
  • Enhances the school’s profile in the eyes of parents and prospective students
  • Enriches the content of the programme of study



"These events set the highest standard - We measure all other events by the ones you deliver" - Lesley Mortimer, Widening Participation Officer, Brunel University, London

“This event literally gets the absolute best out of every individual”Martin Wadsworth, G&T Coordinator, Saddleworth High School, Manchester

"The best  external provider we have ever used. Amazing."K Keys, G&T Coordinator, Perins School, Hants

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Telephone: 01603 555524
The area/s in which this provider is available are:East, East Midlands, Greater London, Home Counties, Yorkshire, North of England, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South West, Wales, West Midlands

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