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Theatre Workshop was founded in 1991, by Brian Twiddy and Yvonne Peacock, both professional actors who are committed to working with Primary schools. Theatre Workshop tours extensively in Primary schools throughout the country. We deliver a high quality performance combined with an entertaining and informative workshop.

Theatre Workshop celebrates 25 years of touring schools in the UK. The Company is committed to delivering high quality performance, combined with an entertaining and informative workshop.



The experienced actor will perform short scenes from the selected period; then, using drama, freeze-frame, and role-play the children will be encouraged to interact with the performer, and recreate some of the scenes. The Create History workshop produces work that lends itself to being used for assembly projects.



Meet an Archaeologist who will unravel the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Meet a Cave dweller and learn about survival in the Stone Age.


Take part in worshiping the greatest Pharaoh of all times; mummify one of your classmates, discover the secrets of Tutankhamun’s Tomb and re-create the events that led to its amazing discover.


Take part in rowing a great ship across to Rome, sell slaves at the Forum, re-create the Roman Baths, advise Caesar from the senate and help Emperor Hadrian protect his army from the Celts and Picts.


The Saxon & Viking Workshop, is packed full of fun and facts and gives your start to the topic a real wow factor.



The workshop from start to finish is an exciting and inspiring way to introduce Shakespeare to your pupils.  The professional actor will set up a pop-up theatre in your school hall to set the scene. The Actor tells the story of Macbeth and involves students in key moments, examining the plot and recreating some of the relevant characters. Watch your Students take part in the telling of the story of Macbeth. Becoming Witches, thanes, murderers or the moving woods of Birnam.


Our pop-up theatre sets the scene of Victorian times, in your school hall. Can your class behave themselves when they meet Ms Grimm the School teacher. ……Dressed in Victorian costume she will give you a flavour of the time.  With arms folded, and fingers on lips the lesson will be given. The pupils will interact with Ms Grimm, learn how to work down a mine, understand the rules of the school and get shown the cane if they don’t. The pupils also get a chance  to meet a hard working parlour maid and help with her servant duties. Folding sheets, washing clothes and finding out all the gossip from the big house.


Throughout the year you may want to celebrate certain events and/or figures in history, why not let us help!?

Inspiring to create. Learning through drama and discovering drama through learning. Theatre Workshop travels to primary schools all over the country and we look forward to hearing from you.

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Telephone: 01270 627 990
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