The School Food Showdown

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Our  highly interactive Roadshow, The School Food Showdown is all about Healthy Eating. This hour long show is proven to get your pupils buzzing about food for Days if not weeks!

The pupils love it, the staff love it, and Jamie Oliver's team said our Roadshow is

The UK has the highest rate of child obesity in Europe. Approximately 25% of young people are classified as obese or overweight which is predicted to rise to 40% by 2025 - this will only get worse unless we all do something about it.

It’s therefore absolutely vital to encourage children to make better food choices. School menus have already been revolutionised by Jamie Oliver, now we are doing our part by changing attitudes toward health eating!

Our Roadshow:
The School Food Showdown!

A fantastic live cooking show in your school. Based on Ready, Steady, Cook, this is a highly interactive learning session that will have your students craving healthy food!

Our Roadshow is suitable for PHSE sessions, world food days, closedown days, induction days, or any other day!

There show is highly interactive, where the pupils will learn why its important to have a healthy breakfast every day, the food groups, and how to build a healthy balanced meal. The climax of the show is an exhilarating live cooking competition, where Pupils and Teachers battle to cook the best healthy meal whilst audience members adopt the roles of Food Critics, Tasters, and Judges!

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Telephone: 07763 491 930
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