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With over one hundred schools visited, we are passionate about the impact that drama within schools, can have on children’s education.

The Drama Hut offers on-site school workshops, encouraging learning in a creative environment. With a wide range of topics to choose from, let us create a unique learning experience for your school.

All our team are trained both in facilitation and performance. They have experience working with children of all ages and share a common passion through learning through drama. All facilitators are DBS checked and implement The Drama Hut CPP (Child Protection Policy).



World War 1 – WW1 Workshop - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Meet Edith Johnson, Mother of 5 and travel with her to London 1914 and discover how the First World War would change ordinary lives, forever.

World War 2 – WW2 Workshop - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Travel back in time with ‘Polly’ to the 1940′s and experience what it might have been like to be an evacuee during World War II. Pack your suitcase and get ready to leave your hometown for the country, but unexpectedly end up in London in the middle of an air raid.

Ancient Egyptians – Secrets of the Scroll - [Key stage 1 and 2]

With the help of the Goddess Isis, unravel the secrets hidden in an ancient Egyptian scroll and discover how a Pharaoh would journey to the afterlife.

The Romans ‘A Grand Day Out’ - [Key stage 1 and 2]

During this workshop, the children will be met by Queen Boudicca, leader of the Celts.  And here our journey begins. During the session the children will explore various aspects of the Roman way of life.

Mysteries of the Maya - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Sally Spade, an enthusiastic archeologist and history enthusiast, has been asked to write an article for ‘Archeology Today’ about The Mayan Civilisation, (Maya). Who were they? How did they live and work and what were their beliefs? Travel back in time with Sally to explore this fascinating period of history.

The Great Fire of London - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Meet Thomas Farriner, the King’s baker, from Pudding Lane, who survived the fire to tell the story of what happened during those three fateful days.  Discover with help from him and later Samuel Pepys,  the famous diarist of the time, what it was like to live in London before and after the fire.

Early Man and the Stone Age - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Sally Spade, an enthusiastic archeologist, has been tasked with writing an article for “History Today”. Guided by Sally, through movement, improvisation, role play and poetry, the children are invited to travel back in time, in order to explore this fascinating prehistoric period, discovering how it developed from the chaotic to the domestic.

Anglo Saxons & The Vikings - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Journey back in time to Anglo Saxon England in one of the famous Viking Longboats. With Astrid as their guide, through improvisation, song, riddles and movement, the children will begin to explore life during this fascinating period.

Ancient Greece - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Meet Charmos, an elite athlete turned tour guide who will help your children to experience life and work in ancient Greece.

The Victorians Workshop - [Key stage 1 and 2]

During the workshop, the children will discover what it was like for children living and working during this period of history.  The children will travel back in time to meet with Sara Louise Elmslie, known as Syrie, the wife of Dr Thomas Barnardo who helped set up the first children’s home in Victorian times.

Mini Beasts and Growth - [Key stage 1 and 2]

During this workshop, the children will meet POMB and travel to storyland. Help her to break the spell that has been put on her garden by a terrible witch.

Florence Nightingale - [Key stage 1 and 2]

Travel back in time with the famous Lady with the Lamp and learn about her life during the Victorian times and in particular the impact she had on nursing and the sanitisation of our hospitals.


Preparing for Pantomime - [Other, Special Events]

A Christmas Story - [Other, Special Events]

World Book Day - [Other, Special Events]

Celebrating ‘The Voice’ - [Other]

Introducing Shakespeare - [Other]

Friendship Workshop - [Other, Special Events]

Script Writing - [Other]



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