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Described by Ofsted as ‘high quality’, J&C’s lessons place an emphasis on fun and interaction. This approach, combined with their philosophy of long-term child development, helps children to improve key skills, build on natural talents, and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge. With PE, music and language specialists, they can provide your school with a cost-effective, risk-free solution to staffing issues.






“I am absolutely delighted with the work that J&C Academy are doing here at Featherstone Primary & Nursery School. They deliver all of our extended schools sports activities and they also deliver our PPA. In doing that they work with children throughout the school; all ages, and delivering all aspects of the PE curriculum. It’s not only their determination that children will succeed in their sporting skills but also they care about the whole child, the team work, the development of self confidence and the whole ethos around sports. When OFSTED were here they also commented on the high quality of the PE lessons”

Kate Bailey, Featherstone Primary and Nursery School



PE Specialists – The PE specialists at J&C have one goal – to help children become healthier, happier individuals with greater confidence and abilities. Taking a holistic approach, they deliver high quality curriculum P.E that helps to improve co-ordination, physical well-being, and personal skills.

Music Specialists – When it comes to teaching music, J&C have a wealth of teaching talent that you can call upon. Their qualified teachers (QTS) have an extensive range of musical qualifications and teach national curriculum in fun and exciting ways!

Language Specialists J&C’s language teachers teach French, Spanish, and Italian to children of all ages, from reception to year 6! Covering a range of topics, lessons are designed to help children develop strong literacy and oral skills and an appreciation of various cultures.

With discounts available for multiple bookings, there’s never been a better time for your children to learn a new language, music, and PE!



School Clubs and Activities for Personal Growth and Social Skills J&C’s lunchtime and after school club programmes are designed to help children develop their talents, build selfesteem and understand social dynamics. Through a range of engaging, challenging and rewarding sporting and dance activities, J&C specialists can coach children many different skills and help them become more confident, active, and productive.

They offer coaching in many sports including gymnastics, martial arts, tennis, tag, rugby, hockey, cricket, netball, basketball, and athletics. Your pupils can also learn a range of dance styles, from ballet and tap dance to Indian dance, African dance, and street dance.

J&C clubs and activities are a cost-effective way of helping children enhance their physical skills, improve fitness, and boost self-confidence. They are also a great way of reducing anti-social behaviour in the playground.


Opera House Kung Fu! – Mixing contemporary dance, meditation, and moves taken from Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Opera House Kung Fu is a fantastic way for children to benefit from martial arts. Working to music, your pupils will learn graceful moves and self-discipline while boosting their confidence and ability to express themselves creatively through dance. Opera House Kung Fu is especially beneficial to children with so-called ‘challenging behaviour’ as it teaches them to channel their energy positively.

With Opera House Kung Fu, pupils not only behave better – they WANT to behave better within their own minds; hrough gaining emotional strength & control.


Money Back Guarantee J&C are so confident in their ability to deliver outstanding lessons that they are offering a money back guarantee! They know you will be delighted with their service! So if you need high quality, temporary teaching staff, there’s no risk involved because J&C:

• Are committed to Long Term Child Development

• Are Experts on Behaviour Management

• Use Cross Curricular Learning to deliver high quality education to your pupils

• Use CRB Cleared, UKCC level 2 Qualified Staff

• Offer a Money Back Guarantee


Key information

  • All PE specialist have a minimum of UKCC level 2 coaching qualifications. Music and Language
  • Specialist have QTS
  • All staff are CRB cleared. PE and dance staff are first aid qualified, child protection and multi-sports certified



Additional Information

Listed in the following categories: * Cross Curricular Education
* Teacher Training
* After School Clubs
The area/s in which this provider is available are:East Midlands

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