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Tales of Plague enjoys bringing history alive for schoolchildren and delivers a number of 'experiences' aimed at primary schools studying the National Curriculum and suitable for ages five - 11.

1) The Great Plague of London Experience

2) The Great Plague and the Great Fire of London Experience

(In 2016 we commemorate the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire)

3)  The Black Death and the Medieval Experience
There are two ways that schools can enjoy either of these experiences:

1)  Classes will join us on a one-hour tour around the Tower Hill/Monument area led by our experienced professionals

2)  Either of these remarkable periods of British history will be brought into the classroom to entertain and educate for half or whole days.

 Bringing history alive...on our guided tour

  • This London walk can take place at most times of the week and day and includes famous landmarks relevant to that particular ‘experience’ including: plague pits, the Tower of London and ancient churches
  • Along the way children will meet a number of humorous, historical characters - played by an actor - such as Samuel Pepys, a cowardly monk and the infamous Plague Doctor
  • These school walks have been designed with children’s safety in mind and a risk assessment and a stop-by-stop breakdown will be sent to teachers in advance of the tour.

Bringing history alive... in the classroom

Flexibility is key and we like to liaise with schools to deal with any specific requests, but in the past our school day package has included:

  • Vivid introductions to the study period and key characters.
  • The appearance of a variety of historical characters such as: medieval peasant ‘Alfie’ and his pet rat, Samuel Pepys, Malcolm the monk, and the weirdly wonderful Plague Doctor.
  • A trip to the Plague Doctor’s strange surgery to deal with those troublesome buboes and find out about the crazy cures from the time.
  • Diary writing classes with Mr Pepys and the children reporting on the Great Plague or the Great Fire of London.
  • A live re-enactment of the Great Fire using the entire class (and starring its liveliest member!) to represent the fire and different parts of the city.


Tales of Plague is a two-person, London-based company and we’re happy to travel to any school within the Greater London area – or host classes from all over the country on our specially designed guided walks.

Please drop us a line to find out more about what we can offer your school at info@talesofplague.co.uk or phone us on 07583 000 223.

*    Both members have enhanced DBS certificates and public liability insurance.

Additional Information

Telephone: 07583 000 223
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, Home Counties, East Midlands

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