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Scroll down to browse our creative workshops for schools and other youth groups. If you can't find what you want please send us an enquiry and we will do our best to fulfil your request and tailor a session to meet your needs. The creative workshops below are all super fun and highly educational… they're run by workshop leaders who are:

  • CRB/DBS checked
  • Personally vetted by our founder, Sissy Rooney
  • Highly talented and respected in their field
  • Experienced at working with young people from a range of backgrounds



Creative Art Workshops

Graffiti Canvas Spray Painting Workshop
This street art workshop encourages young people to get creative with stencils and make their very own 'Street-Style' design pieces The leader of our exciting new graffiti art workshops will teach your young people how to produce Banksy Style canvas.

T-shirt spray painting workshop
This popular fashion workshop is a fab way to get young people creative and switched on to the fashion and textile design process. Your group will love having the freedom to apply their own ‘Street-Style' twist to a standard tee – with a little help from top fashion designer and SSS founder Sissy Rooney… plus a stack of Banksy-esque stencils, fabric spray paints and bits and bobs.

Art Workshop - Graffiti Mural Spray Painting
This new art workshop gives young people the opportunity to put their own 'Street-Style' graff imprint on their daily environment. Imagine how proud your young people would feel if their creativity was on show for everyone to see in the space where they spend their days…

Mural Painting Workshop for Schools and Youth Groups
Think of the big picture - broaden creativity and develop confidence in this mural painting art workshop for schools and youth groups.

Stop Motion Animation Workshop
This creative workshop for schools helps students create their own stop motion animations, from teaching the methods to watching their final product on YouTube.

Fun and Rewarding Photography Workshop
One of the most popular activities for children, our Photography Workshop is great way to allow your young people a unique avenue of self-expression!

Trash to Treasure – Recycled Art Workshop
Our recycled art workshops reuse ordinary materials to create craft items and teach about recycling and sustainability in a fun environment.

Jewellery Making Workshop
In this fab fashion accessory workshop, your young people will learn how to make 'Street-Style' jewellery that looks a million dollars (but costs a whole lot less)

Creative Art Workshops Galore
From mask making to kite building, junk modelling to puppet making, Art Workshops for Schools and youth groups can actualize children’s' wildest imaginations! We can provide almost any creative arts making workshop, just ask.

Lanterns and illuminations workshop
This lantern making workshop is a highly creative workshop for schools and youth groups. It encourages community relationships, celebrates the changing of the season, and creates a spectacular festival or show.

Screen Printing Poster Design Creative Workshop
Screen printing is a versatile skill with applications in a huge spectrum of professional and commercial industries requiring consistent and even ink applications en masse. Street Style Surgery offers a school workshop teaching the fundamentals of the screen printing process, focused on poster design that anybody of any age can learn.

Fantastic Felt Workshop for Schools and Youth Groups
This creative workshop shows children and adults alike the fun and creative process of making felt. This hands-on art workshop will give children an opportunity to learn the techniques required to design and create their own felt fabric.

Fun Bookbinding Creative Workshop
This creative art workshop teaches young people how to make a variety of different sketchbooks through several bookbinding techniques. This allows students to use the bookbinding skills they learn repeatedly in the future.

Sensory Enterprise Workshop - Positive Activities for Young People with Special Needs
This Sensory Enterprise Workshop focuses on providing positive activities for young people with special education needs. This unique experience encourages sensory engagement through an array of projects aimed to help participants create innovative products. The program can be adjusted to various needs and abilities in order to make them accessible to all.

Creative arts - From memory books to future boxes (Adults & Young People)
This creative arts workshop offers adult learners the opportunity to capture precious memories, hopes and dreams for the future in beautiful handmade books and boxes. The perfect workshop for adults who have treasured items, which are tucked away and have most likely been forgotten about. From old letters and family photographs, to children’s drawings and pressed leaves.

An introduction to Body Art, Theatrical and Special FX Make-up Workshop
Time for your young people to get creative and experiment with a face and body art kit on each other and sample our theatrical, special FX make-up workshop which covers many of the technical disciplines in the face and body art workshop but focus closely on the human anatomy and using contouring for the stage alongside character development so you can learn how to create dramatic characters and artistic make-up for the stage

Wild Creations
Workshops and group work are an important part of a child’s development as they encourage the child to work both independently and as part of a team. This workshop uses movement of the body to create personal works of art. This is a workshop which encourages its participants to get out of their heads and into their bodies by using embodied movement practices which enable them to embrace their creativity in a more mindful way.

Create, Cook and Consume workshop
The core workshop offering covers a number of food themes such as one-pot dishes, take-away favourites, food for mood and concentration, cooking on a budget, health eating etc. Even different food cultures can be covered


Fashion & Design Workshops

Screen Printing T-shirt workshop for fun, identity or profit
Screen printing is a very versatile process and gives professional and long lasting results. Your young people will be shown from scratch and in detail how to create a stencil and screen print it on to an end product.

Recycled Fashion Workshop - Gok Wan Style
Young people will view second-hand clothes in a different light after spending time on this Recycled Fashion Workshop. Our Recycled Fashion Workshop will show your young people how stunning fashion items can be created from cast-away clothing.

And your group will jump at the chance to put a ‘Gok Wan style’ twist on a cast-away item with the help of workshop leader and SSS founder Sissy Rooney

T-shirt spray painting workshop
This popular fashion workshop is a fab way to get young people creative and switched on to the fashion and textile design process. Your group will love having the freedom to apply their own ‘Street-Style' twist to a standard tee – with a little help from top fashion designer and SSS founder Sissy Rooney… plus a stack of Banksy-esque stencils, fabric spray paints and bits and bobs.

Fashion Workshop – illustration
This fashion workshop is a fun and accessible introduction to a smorgasbord of professional fashion illustration techniques

Fashion Design Course - 4 sessions
A programme of fashion workshops for schools and youth organisations that reveals the techniques used by top fashion designers This fashion design course is our most comprehensive introduction to the techniques used every day by professional clothing designers.

Textile Workshop - Colour from your kitchen
This workshop is the perfect chance for young people to work with colour, developing creativity in an engaging and therapeutic way. This hands-on textile workshop offers a range of projects for students to work on, from tie-dye, printing and dip dyeing, to producing a finished craft, such as a bag, depending on the budgets and products chosen.

Fashion - How to Make a Fashion Mood Board Workshop
Making a mood board is a great way for young people to express themselves - and learn a range of eye-catching design techniques...


Personal Development Workshops


Empowerment, Confidence and Being Me Workshop
This workshop uses drama techniques to teach young people about empowerment- what it is and how to give it to ourselves, how stereotypes affect our self-esteem and what constitutes a positive role model.

Personal Development Workshop - Shout About Your Skills
Employers are looking to hire young people who can confidently express themselves in an interview and who are aware of their own strengths. Our personal development workshop will encourage young people to highlight their own best traits and portray themselves in a positive light to their future employers

Drama Workshop – Words, Words, Words (healthy communication)
This hands-on drama workshop uses performance, creative writing, multimedia and visual art to explore the theme of communication. The workshop aims to encourage those taking part to develop their confidence in communicating their feelings to others, whilst also teaching news skills in performance, craft and multimedia too.

Drama, Creative Arts & Media - Location, locality, locale
This workshop looks at the ideas and perceptions young people have regarding the area in which they live. This workshop involves several different activities for young people, using performance, visual art and multimedia techniques to create an installation performance reflecting the group's ideas

Getting Your Ideas Across – A Communication Workshop
Listen up - this school workshop teaches students effective communication skills to get their ideas across loudly and clearly to each other and the world at large.

Drama, Creative Arts & Media - Our digital world
Ever wondered what the future might hold? In this drama workshop, there are many activities for young people, such as getting involved in performance, creative writing, multimedia and craft, in order to explore the technological advances in the world around us.

Interactive Health & Wellbeing Workshop
This interactive drama style workshop looks at topics of health and wellbeing and can be tailored to suit a variety of groups and topics such as sexual health, personal hygiene, safe sex, obesity & body image, drug taking and misuse - legal and illegal, bullying, healthy relationships and communication.

Drama Workshop for NEETS, PRUs, and Young Offenders
Direct NEETs, pupil referral units and young offenders towards self-improvement and stardom with our drama workshop Street Style Surgery has designed a superstar workshop to engage young people in vulnerable positions and guide them towards self-improvement, even after the show is over.

Issue-based Drama Workshop
From confidence building to environmental issues, anti-bullying to substance misuse, anger management to sexual health, black history week to world faith day or even the riots, issue-based drama workshops focus on any theme relevant to the group.

Fun Drama Workshop - can combine with arts award
This drama workshop for schools and youth groups is run by one of our many highly experienced Street Style Surgery drama practitioners, who have worked with young people from all walks of life. Our practitioners have extensive experience in delivering the arts award at all levels.


Music Workshops

Lyrically Literate Music & Rap Workshops
Our Music workshops give young people the opportunity to creatively and critically express themselves by writing and performing their own songs and raps!

Rap & Poetry – One-Track Race – other topics covered
This creative writing workshop for schools will examine, expand, and express cultural awareness and understanding of diversity through modern verse.

Wicked Beat-Breakers Music Workshop
Have fun learning, writing and creating your own beats with Beat Breakers fabulous music workshop, everybody will love being able to beatbox!

Hip Hop DJ / Dance Experience
This session promotes Health and well-being through music and dance. The young people will be introduced to vinyl and the art form of DJing, they'll have a go at the turntables and finish with a cypher (dance circle). Through the workshop the children will have fun and gain knowledge of how the DJ and the dance go hand in hand.

Making Musical Instruments in our Percussion Workshop
In this unique workshop, young people will be making various percussion instruments using recycled and everyday objects

Enriching World Percussion Workshop
Our energetic and talented facilitator leads the young people in this music workshop, World Percussion. In this drum workshop, Mitch will be teaching young people how to play traditional, authentic percussion rhythms from across the globe using indigenous

Percussion Music Workshop for children & toddlers
Toddlers can get an early start developing their musical talents through global sounds

Sound Experience Composing and Creating Workshop
A creative workshop helping young people to compose music around a theme at their level. Involving tuned and un-tuned accessible, age appropriate percussion instruments, body percussion and voices, there will be the opportunity for listening, playing, sharing and creating.


Business & Enterprise Workshops

Dragons den product design and pitch
The Dragons Den Product Design and Pitch workshop is a great way to get young people to think entrepreneurial and try their hand at pitching to some real life dragons (well a panel of teachers and even the head of the school)

Business & Enterprise Fashion Designer Challenge for Schools
This primary and secondary school workshop from Street Style Surgery will teach tomorrow’s business owners the entrepreneur skills required to create, brand, and launch their own fashion labels.

Money Matters workshop
This workshop will use drama techniques to explore a variety of different themes related to money and financial literacy. These topics would include bills and the value of things, how money affects relationships and home life, work and saving up/ planning for the future, loan sharks.


Dance & Movement Workshops


Cool funk-style / Street-dance workshop
Learn how to express yourself through street funk style dancing! After this workshop the students will be popping and locking like champions.

Street-dance and Breakdance workshop
This high octane workshop introduces young people to the foundations of breakdance & street-dance. It is led by a highly experienced breakdancing champion who will have the group popping and locking like a professional.

Journey of the Circus
This workshop takes participants on an exciting tour of the various circus disciplines including juggling, hula hooping, poi and plate spinning. Over the course of the session they can learn the foundations of circus skills is a fun, non-competitive environment.

Skateboarding taster day workshop
Ever thought about how cool it will be for your young people to have a go at skateboarding and learn a new skill whilst getting active and having FUN!

Zumbatomic Dance and Fitness Workshops for all
Get moving and shaking into shape with Zumbatomic, a fitness workshop of Zumba dancing and fun exercise.

Dance Workshop - Party Time – All Styles!
Our 'Party Time!' dance workshop is a big favourite with young people wanting to emulate their dance heroes (and heroines) Every self-respecting young person loves to party… And on our special ‘Party-Time!’ dance workshop your group can shake their thing to moves made famous by their favorite dance shows and personalities.


Cultural & Science Workshops

African Cultural Awareness Workshop
This workshop focuses heavily on cultural awareness. The facilitator, Adisa is highly educated in several different areas, including fine arts, environmental management and education.

Science & Music Youth Workshop - Noisy Junk
This science and music workshop where young people can make amplified instruments out of recycled materials. This science and music workshop is an ideal opportunity to help young people find out how easy it is to produce strange and funny sounds from everyday objects.

Science & Music youth workshop - Noisy boxes
This science and music workshop allows young people to work in groups to complete various experiments with sound and electronics. It gives young people the opportunity to create the most basic test circuit, and then make additions to it, using it creatively to explore the acoustic potential of different objects.

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