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Rough Magic has worked in West Country Schools since 1987. Predominantly in the Primary and Special Needs sectors. Our firm ethos is that ALL LEARNING (no matter how sophisticated the end result) BEGINS THROUGH CREATIVE PLAY.

“I thought I would let you know how impressed we all were with the day you provided us with last week. The children were thrilled with their puppets and the parents were equally impressed. Thank you again, we would highly recommend your workshops to any school.” - Mel Johns, Culmstock Primary.

“Hello Don. I thought I`d send you a few lines to say how much we enjoyed your workshop. I know you`re a pro, but I was so impressed with the amount of preparation you put into the day which of course helped it to run smoothly. Every child basked in the success of creating a colourful, dramatic and unique mask-we`ve just had a joint assembly and performed using some of the masks- the rest are on display and have received a lot of praise. The children also loved your storytelling and it was a delight to see them totally captivated by the magic of a simple story told well. We loved them too! So many thanks for a wonderful day."Carys- St. Andrews C. of E. School, Plymouth.

“Hi Don. Thank you so much for the two days you gave us. It really added to our week of Global Arts and was very much enjoyed by both staff and children. The KS1 children are very proud of their milk bottle puppets and the KS2 children were enthusiastic about their shadow puppets. You were so well prepared for both days and it was lovely to meet you. Thank you again for your time. I hope to see you back at Mark in the future. Jo” - Mark C. of E. First School, Highbridge.

Making PUPPETS (whether Shadow, Rod, Finger, Hand, etc) or MASKS (whether of people, animals, birds, fish, mini-beasts, whatever) is not only a brilliant way to develop spatial awareness and problem solving but one cannot help but IMBUE one`s creation with LIFE, so using it to `MAKE UP AND ACT OUT A STORY`. This comes naturally as an enthusiastic next step. The potential for CROSS-CURRICULA activities is there to use as imagination takes over.

ROUGH MAGIC is very happy to explore with you any particular workshop you have in mind. All you have to do is contact us with your request and we will do our very best to offer you a day (or days) that fulfil your highest expectations- and give the children (and staff) a wonderful time in the process.

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Story Telling Performances & Workshops- emphasises that telling a story is `painting pictures with words` and explores how the basis of all story telling springs from the use of the six magic words to create the story and let it unfold – WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, WHY AND WHO. By having each child pick (without looking) an object from my MAGIC BAG then putting them in groups of, ideally four per group, each group`s task is then to create a story about the four objects (and any others that spring from their imagination), not forgetting those six words to expand and develop the tale as they go along. The `objects` give something `concrete` to build from.

Poetry Workshops- I show how to `think in images` and explore how each descriptive word used to present that image has a different `flavour`. How creating a poem is much like creating a wonderful tasty meal. How different words can make that `meal` sweet or sour, happy or sad, light and airy or dark and deep. I discourage striving for rhyme as I find it kills the imaginative flow.

Shadow Puppets. The very best way to explore LIGHT. I like to start with a performance (lasting approx. an hour) which tells Traditional Tales. These are mainly the much-loved ones such as- Three Little Pigs, Billy Goats Gruff, Ginger-Bread Man, although I carry a stock of Puppets for many others too. Workshops follow the show where each class makes their own Shadow Puppets which they are proud to show to each other on my big screen at the end of the day. I provide absolutely everything needed.

Milk-Bottle Puppets. This is my most popular workshop. Using card and masking tape to build up the structure of their puppet on the basic Milk Bottle on a Stick that I bring, each child creates their person, animal, bird, fish, mini-beast etc.. Then they give it colour with PVA and Tissue Paper and finally complete it from the mass of resources that I bring. I bring many examples with me to inspire and provide absolutely everything needed.

Finger Puppets. These are very simple to construct, being based on a table tennis ball at the end of a tube. This workshop is ideal for the Early Years child although every Year Group can revel in it. The children build up their chosen creature, whether person, mini-beast (a very popular workshop this), animal, whatever, using card and masking tape. Then they complete their creation as with the milk-bottle puppets, above. Once they are completed they just cry out to be used and acted out in stories. I bring lots of examples of finger puppets made in this fashion and provide absolutely everything needed.

Mask Making. These workshops are extremely popular, as everyone loves making, and wearing, a mask. My method allows a mask to be constructed (using card and masking tape) and completed (with PVA and Tissue Paper, and a choice from my many resources), to produce a wonderful Person, Animal, Bird, Fish, Mini-Beast etc. all in a day. I bring lots of examples to inspire and provide absolutely everything required.

Animation Workshops. – Steve Newton is your man for this wonderful day. He brings to your class the delight of producing their own Animated Film using Stop Motion Pro Software. You can find full details of this brilliant day on and watch films produced by other lucky schools. Steve is a qualified Art Teacher with a Degree in Fine Art. He is a member of Equity and the G.T.C.Key information

  • Enhanced Disclosure CRB
  • Member of Equity
  • All materials supplied
  • Cross curricular support
  • Flexible workshop structure

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Address: Rough Magic, 27 Higher Street, Hatherleigh, Devon EX20 3JD
Telephone: 01837 810198
The area/s in which this provider is available are:South West

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