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Zen Machine was established by Peter Wendes MA(Ed), Vice President of The British Go Association, and his wife, Sheila. Their unique, active, engaging, educational and fun workshops have toured schools, colleges, museums, and festivals for the last ten years inspiring new Go players and Go clubs across the land! Simple rules lead to astonishing possibilities!

“I’m really impressed with the pitch of the workshop and your innate ability to tailor the presentation to the ability of the pupils and get them 'hooked' and thinking. The workshop provided such a brilliant learning opportunity that was really measurable by the concentration from the pupils and enjoyment of playing.” Andrea Broadbent, Tameside Excellence Cluster Manager

This mysterious and intriguing game, Go, began over 3,000 years ago in China. It is the second most popular board game on Earth. In East Asia the game has the status of a mental martial art. Go professionals are national celebrities and tournaments offer big prizes. Expert players still beat computers at high levels.

The recent BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Why Go?’ featured Peter and Sheila’s groundbreaking work with children in Hampshire, and explored the history and rationale behind it.

Workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities. Large groups of up to 100 can learn and play together. Two or more groups can participate in a full day. Multi-schools events, such as transition are an option. Moving between demonstrations, hands-on experimentation, film clips, question and answer, and individual and group play, everyone will discover surprises and puzzles in this ancient game. Go is accessible at many levels and teachers are delighted to find everyone able to participate successfully. The more able pupils see vast creative possibilities, start up clubs, take part in tournaments and even continue learning about Go for the rest of their lives. The less formally academic discover they have the ability to think ‘out of the box’ successfully. Go is an excellent tool for looking at learning, patterns, space, efficiency, balance and judgment. Strategies and tactics are investigated. Pupils gain confidence and insight. Any particular topics you choose can be linked into the presentation.

Go requires logic, respect, reason, flexibility, discipline and creativity. It has been a metaphor for life, war, economics, business and philosophy in its long history. The presenters are experienced teachers. It’s a dynamic show! Puppets help out with younger learners and mind-boggling facts and numbers astonish the budding geniuses of tomorrow. Einstein himself was a Go player! Keen beginners can develop skills by setting up a school Go club, entering the annual UK Go Challenge for Schools, or joining one of the seven London clubs. Some of our past pupils are now strong players with opportunities at local, national and international tournaments.

Key information

  • Suitable for all Key Stages and abilities
  • Teaching resources available
  • Fun, active, and challenging
  • Cultural experience days
  • CPD – Teachers can learn together with pupils 

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Telephone: 02392 267648
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, The North, Yorkshire, North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, East, Greater London, Home Counties, South West, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

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