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“Cat Williams gave the students at Stonyhurst an engaging presentation with several practical ways to deal with the stresses of daily life and examinations. The varied nature of the presentation ensured that there was something for everyone to take away with them.”
Reuban Strain, Syntax House Master, Stonyhurst College. January 2016.

About ‘Stay Calm and Content’

Stay Calm and Content’ offer engaging, interactive and tailor-made sessions to teach pupils about:

emotional well-being, bullying; stress management, preparing for tests and exams, understanding and controlling emotions and behaviour, self-harm, responsible use of social media, personal resilience, moral courage and confidence, healthy relationships and sexual consent, family breakdown, social awareness & manners.

Workshops meet OFSTED criteria for Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development and are designed to develop key learning skills of Readiness, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Responsibility and Reflection.

Stay Calm and Content was founded by Cat Williams, relationship counsellor, writer, public speaker and the author of the ground-breaking ’Stay Calm and Content No Matter What Life Throws At You’ (reviews available on Amazon).

Cat has been featured as an expert on the BBC and ITV’s This Morning, as well as in many online and print publications.

The Context.

"We have a ticking time bomb of mental health issues amongst the young, and schools are still not doing enough." - Sir Anthony Seldon Headmaster of Wellington College 2015

"Learning traits such as perseverance and confidence are equally important to pupils as gaining good exam results." - Education Secretary Nicky Morgan. Jan 2015


“Cat Williams is a passionate speaker, genuinely concerned about the emotional well-being of young people today. The novel expression of her exploratory, open approach reveals an intellectual curiosity that is infectious. Catch her if you can!” - Dr Jeremy H Grundy MA (Oxon), PhD (McGill). Headmaster, Birkenhead School.

“Cat Williams’ presentation was stimulating and relevant to OFSTED’s SMSC criteria, the story engaged the children and carried an important message about self and social awareness, and emotional well-being, I highly recommend her” - Mr Andrew Walker Headteacher. Farndon Primary School.
“I loved the assembly and thought that she wrote an amazing story and I thought it should have a standing ovation, also that assembly made me think and made my light shine brighter" - Year 6 pupil. Farndon Primary School

“I’ve used every technique that Cat has shared with us and each one has helped me in a positive way, I handle problems now in a way that I never thought I would." - Libby ‘H’- pupil at Eagle Butte High School.

FREE assembly with a half or full-day booking

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Inset Days:

Do your staff members sometimes feel stressed?

  • “Britain’s employees are feeling more insecure and pressured at work than at any other time in the past 20 years” (Research by the Institute of Education)
  • Stress is the number one cause of sickness absence with an average period of 30 days off work (CIPD & HSE figures)
  • Stress now affects 1 in 5 of the population (Stress Management Society figures)


Learn new techniques and feel more confident delivering PHSE lessons on bullying;

emotional well-being, mindset for exams, understanding and controlling emotions and behaviour, transition, self-harm, stress management, responsible use of social media, building healthy relationships, personal resilience, moral courage and confidence, understanding sexual consent as specified by OFSTED for Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural development.

Foster their own emotional well-being: including how to:

minimise stress and maximise potential especially during inspections and busy periods; build and maintaining personal resilience, increase collaboration with pupils especially when managing challenging behaviour. 

Workshops include real-life scenarios, visual aids and straight forward take-home techniques.  Questions and comments will be very welcome throughout.

Further Testimonials:

“The students were very engaged, they gained much personal insight into their emotions, behaviour and the way they relate to others, I had my eyes opened as well!" - Carol Carlson, Head Teacher, Ralston Primary School, Alberta, Canada.

“Cat was a pleasure to have as an instructor. She is organised and professional. The reviews from seminar participants were among the best we have ever received.” - Sharon Hurlbert, Course Manager, Medicine Hat College, Alberta, Canada.

“It was such a tremendous gift of yourself that you gave us today. We all really enjoyed the session and I think everybody got a lot out of it. I thought your delivery was very clever and I really look forward to reading your book.” - Catherine ‘W’, Teacher.



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