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Squaduction (part of the History Squad) is a professional historical interpretation company that injects energy into the presentation of history in schools.

We deliver exciting workshops, assemblies and guided castle tours to hundreds of schools across England and Wales and cover a wide range of topics from the Romans to the Second World War making us a great choice for all key stages.

Using compelling storytelling, hands-on activities and astounding weaponry displays, we breathe life into history, making it fun for all those involved.

 The Workshop

Henry VIII's Executioner 

This Tudor character has been present at the executions of both Ann Boleyn and Kathryn Howard you can chose if you want him to portray an executioner or a soldier.

This session begins with the death of Richard the III and how the Tudors came to power, it’s a short story and lasts only around ten minutes but helps set the stage for the Tudors.  Although we cover the Henry Tudor we tend to focus on Henry VIII, revolving around a day in his life… what did he eat, what did he do, what was he like? We try to answer all of the little questions that pupils may have about the King.

We do of course cover his six wives, in particular the deaths of Anne Boleyn and Kathryn Howard and in doing this, we place the future King Edward and Queens Mary and Elizabeth in order and cover briefly their lives, finishing with Elizabeth, but leaving it open for you to carry on.

If you have a particular area of focus such, not mentioned above, you wish us to concentrate on, please let us know.

What you should know:

All sessions are flexible; the minimum duration of a single workshop is around 1 hour and the maximum duration is half a day, so sessions can be tailored to suit your timetable and class numbers; we can deliver to whole school assemblies or smaller groups as required (e.g. 2x half day sessions, 3x 1.5hr sessions or 5x 1hr sessions etc.) and can even deliver 2 different topics in one day if required to benefit maximum number of pupils.

The weapons and equipment are heavy and can be dangerous, and can therefore only be handled if the students are orderly and there is room to do so.

Our risk assessment, liability insurance cover and DBS certificate are available on request.


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Telephone: 01926 613700
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