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Active Choices offer a comprehensive range of health and fitness programmes to satisfy all primary school curriculum requirements including:


Planning Preparation and Assessment Cover - This is carefully planned with schools to make sure that they get a best value for money experience. With fully qualified or trained staff and planned lessons they make it their priority that you receive the best quality in delivery.

After School Clubs - Active Choices provide a huge range of after school provision from specific clubs such as football, tag rugby, cricket, cheerleading and Spanish etc to more general ones such as multi skills and media.

Holiday Clubs provide support for parents during the holidays to help them to continue to work successfully with peace of mind that their children are being looked after in a safe and secure environment.

Supply Teaching - from September 2011 there will be several qualified teachers that work for us part time and we currently provide supply cover to schools.

Extended Services – Active Choices currently co-ordinate a cluster of schools and nurseries in Derbyshire and support the coordination of a cluster in Nottinghamshire. They organise and deliver strong programmes within a designated budget including educational trips in the holidays to activity holiday days. They also help with the writing and production of funding bids to help support the school and the local community.

Healthy Living Days - all new healthy living days are to provide 2 to 3 coaches for the day to run educational activities covering healthy lifestyles in a fun and exciting way. The coaches are available all day with classes being taken to the coaches for activities.

Inter School Tournaments as part of their delivery in PPA and After Schools they are now interlinking the schools in competitive sports tournaments providing the first link for some schools to communicate and share any good practice.

PE Curriculum – provides planning for your school, including risk assessments, and now also offers the opportunity to purchase Active Choices in house curriculum session plans for Physical Education. They can provide you with a step by step session plan for Reception to Year 6 covering the following areas: Handball, Football, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Outdoor Athletics, Indoor Athletics, Basketball, Multi Skills, Rotational Activities.

Active Choices also provide support for parents during the school holidays with a choice of safe and secure holiday clubs.


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