Judo and Fencing Education

Carl Finney is the proprietor and head coach of Judo Education and Fencing Education and provides fully qualified, professional coaching to schools in both disciplines. Sessions can be held at your school at any time between 8am and 5pm to coincide with pre school activities, after school clubs or to replace an existing lesson and all coaches are British Judo and Fencing Association qualified.

 “The teacher was well organised and efficient. The class control is good and the children are taught the importance of inner discipline and self-control. We had no hesitation in rebooking them for next year. ” Mr P J Gibbon, Gilmour Junior School, Liverpool


Judo is one of the few sports accessible to almost anyone, including children, and people with disabilities. Because it emphasizes physical and mental development, its influence extends to every area of a person’s life. Physically, Judo improves flexibility, coordination, balance and reflexes. It is a means of self-defence that requires skill rather than just size or strength. Mentally, it promotes concentration, self-confidence and leadership.

Because Judo requires a clear and focused mind, it encourages participants to be fully present in the moment. They become more observant and better able to channel their mental and physical energy. With its strict moral and ethical principles, and its humanitarian approach to life, Judo fosters a sense of respect and consideration. Participants are taught to strive for physical, intellectual and moral perfection, so they can not only improve their own life, but also contribute to the greater good.


Fencing is not only an adventurous way to make sure your pupils achieve their five hours of weekly physical activity, the sport also offers an array of benefits to the long-term health of anyone who participates. Fencing provides a perfect form of cardiovascular exercise, as it's a fast-paced activity that gets the heart pumping and oxygen flowing. This leads to benefits including increased stamina, strengthened heart and lungs and increased immune function as well as reducing stress in a safe and enjoyable manner which is excellent during the examination months.

With its complex physical manoeuvres, fencing also helps develop muscle strength, reflexes, flexibility, and coordination. The positions and movements in fencing must be precise to be powerful. And in order to perfect that precision, the body must become flexible and strong. In fencing, as in a martial art, power and precision go hand in hand.



  • Qualified coaches
  • All staff CRB cleared
  • All equipment and Insurance supplied
  • Classes offered throughout the day
  • Open from 8.00am to 5.00pm

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