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Skip2BFit was started by professional boxing trainer John McCormack, a former No.2 ABA ranked Heavyweight of Great Britain. John’s passion for boxing and fitness training gave rise to the Skip2BFit programme, which has now proved a real hit with over 500,000 children (and their teachers). They deliver a skipping workshop that combines the traditional fun element of skipping with a ‘new generation’ digital skipping rope, pupils are rediscovering the joys of exercise. Box2Bfit workshops are now available for junior and senior children.

After the skipping workshop they also provide a unique skip2bfit kitbag, providing teachers with all the resources they need to continue with the program.


Inspiring your school to get active! skip-hop offer a number of courses to UK schools which leave children, teachers and parents motivated, raving about the demonstration and amazed at just what can be achieved in one day! skip-hop's 'Every Child Skips' all day skipping workshops are suitable for Reception to KS4 pupils and skiphop can also help with school events and festival days. 

Schools are left with resources to continue with skip-hop after the big day. These include lesson plans, access to the skip-hop Skipping Award Scheme, and access to the Virtual Skipping League to add and compare scores with other schools 


The Freddy Fit team are extremely proud of the positive impact the project has had on thousands of pupils up and down the country over the past ten years. Through a tough recruitment process and intensive training we ensure that every Freddy Fit presenter is highly trained, well motivated, punctual and, most importantly, child friendly. Freddy Fit provide a wide range of workshops, from healthy easting to skipping workshops or Christmas themed fitness sessions to Year 6 transition days.

Each presenter is totally committed to delivering our fantastic workshops in a professional and inspirational manner. We are determined, through our belief in the scheme of work, to improve the lifestyles of as many pupils as possible. Be it in fitness, strength, coordination, self-esteem, assertiveness or team leadership, if pupils improve by any margin, then we feel our efforts have been well rewarded.


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