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Seesaw Education is an arts facilitation company based in Leeds, with an alternative approach to primary school’s curriculum. Our concept is simple, children learn more when they are having a pleasurable experience. This is why our sessions are aimed to free your imaginations, leave your troubles behind and escape to the world of creativity! We balance this by infusing facts and learning into our workshops so the children leave a session with more knowledge than when they entered. As well as our educational programmes we also run a variety of out of school arts clubs in dance, drama, cheerleading and music. These are fun and imaginative workshops that add an extra dimension to your school day.

'The children really look forward to having Seesaw Education every session. Their workshops are full of energy and the children make tangible progress and have such a lot of fun week by week.'

'Kimberley is dazzling, enthusiastic and an inspiration to the children.'

'Seesaw Education sessions are inclusive and highly skilled. As a company they are very well organised, thorough and extremely reliable. I would highly recommend them to any school.'

Mary Aldred, Extended Schools Co-ordinator, Ben Jonson primary school


Educational programmes

These are our most popular programmes and are fundamentally why Seesaw Education was created. Our facilitators work alongside classroom teachers to plan innovative workshops based upon curriculum. These workshops are delivered on a weekly basis throughout the academic year. Some schools choose a half day delivery programme once a week, whilst others choose to work with us 3-4 full days per week. We unite in partnership with your school to plan an educational programme tailored to your specific needs and can reach up to 6 classes per day.

How Seesaw Education can benefit your school :-

 • We bring creativity to your curriculum

 • We work alongside classroom teachers to plan educational workshops

 • We cover PPA time

 • Teachers learn a different approach to their own teaching methods

 • Our facilitators bring your topics to life

How Seesaw Education can benefit your children :-

 • Builds confidence

 • Encourages team work

 • Stimulates children’s creativity

 • Helps children’s understanding, with an alternative approach to learning

 • Learn new skills in the performing arts


Educational Workshops

Seesaw Education offer a range of different programmes. Our facilitators are highly trained and all have one or multiple specialism’s within the performing arts. They use their experiences gained in the professional world to enhance their sessions making them as creative and interactive as possible.

Our drama clubs are all themed to a specific topic and below are a list of some of our most popular programmes. Alternatively we can work with your school and develop a programme based around a theme of your choice.

Roald Dahl, Fairytales, Pirates, The Gruffalo, Rainforests, Going Green, Harry Potter

As well as the children being creative and able to express themselves freely without judgement, they will also learn a number of drama skills. These include; Improvisation, devising, hot seating, script work, developing characters and many more. At Seesaw Education we aim to balance creativity with learning, enabling children to stretch their boundaries and free their imaginations.

In our dance clubs children will learn the basic elements of dance technique through fun and innovative exercises. These programmes are a fantastic way to boost fitness and flexibility whilst exploring a variety of new skills in dance and movement. At Seesaw Education we offer a range of different dance clubs, our most popular workshops are listed below, however we can adapt our framework to suit any style you desire.

Street dance, Commercial Jazz, Bollywood, Salsa, Ballroom/Latin, African dance, Ballet


These are very popular within many schools as children love pom poms! Our cheerleading sessions are split into three sections cheers, chants and pom pom dance. The children have the opportunity to learn cheers and chants as well as make up their own and put together a pom pom dance routine to perform at the end of term. Cheerleading is a great interactive way to communicate with peers and build confidence in a creative and stimulating environment.

Being part of our music and singing programme is an excellent way to improve children’s speaking and listening skills through singing songs and learning rhymes on a regular basis. We fuse together both modern day and traditional music for an original approach to learning. Children will also capture the basic skills of rhythmic awareness which is a key element in the performing arts.

Additional Information

Address: Seesaw Education, 8 Melrose walk, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4DA
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Greater London, Yorkshire

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