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Squire Theatre was founded in order to introduce students of all ages to the incredibly exciting world of stage combat. To demonstrate safe working practice and to encourage creative learning in a physically engaging and exciting manner. We specialises in providing professional quality stage combat training for a diverse range of clients ranging from secondary schools to professional theatre and film productions.

Squire’s education program is centred on the idea that physicality breeds creativity. It’s one thing to study a subject and quite another to apply that study practically. We offer a range of workshops for primary and secondary level students, helping them to engage in a hands on way with their Drama and English studies as well as PE, Dance and History. Be it getting the most out of a curriculum text or tackling a school production, encouraging physical fitness or simply the need for a fun enrichment activity Squire Theatre can help.


What was it like during World War II? How did it feel to be a British Citizen? What did people eat and wear? Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Museum answers these questions and more. It recreates the London Blitz with special effects highlighting the sights, the sounds, the artefacts, and even the dust, smoke and smell of an air raid at its height.

  The museum has an astonishing collection of evocative photographs and an enormous number of actual relics. Everything from toilet rolls and soap to an Anderson shelter, you can sit in and hear air raids overhead. There are shops displaying what was available for purchase during the war years and a feature devoted to Winston Churchill.

For secondary schools activity sheets are linked with the main themes of ‘Britain at War Experience’ and form part of the study programme for the History National Curriculum key stage 3, Core Study unit 5 - The era of the Second World War with particular emphasis on the experience and impact of war, and the home front in Britain. There are four titles: ‘Air Raid precautions’ ‘Andersons and the Underground’ ‘Women in Wartime’ and ‘The Blitz’.


Discover Adventure has been designing and operating trips worldwide since 1994 and has a great depth of experience in creating challenging events and expeditions for groups.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to work with secondary schools to create a unique project which offers students the chance to develop personal and social skills, and culminates in an adventurous expedition of a lifetime. School Challenges are designed to give students the opportunity to develop and plan their own expedition to an overseas destination.

Learn valuable life-skills, see the world, learn about other cultures and help other communities - all before you leave school....


The Science of Sound …to the particles we’re made of and the shape of the entire Universe, the Rock Doctor takes you on a magical tour of music, maths and physics.

As an expert rock guitarist with a PhD in guitar acoustics, Dr Mark Lewney brings vibrating strings to life in ways Pythagoras could never have imagined, explaining the science of rock with the help of riffs from AC/DC, Slayer and Jimi Hendrix. 

Dr Lewney’s show 'Rock Guitar in 11 Dimensions' is the perfect enhancement for a Secondary School Physical Processes GCSE module or AS/A2 maths or physics course, and is suitable for any audience aged 13 or over.


English Heritage was created in 1984 to encourage people to understand, value, care for and enjoy their historic environment. We believe that experiencing the historic environment should be central to the curriculum of every school and that working at an historic site develops new skills, deepens understanding and expands knowledge so we welcome learning groups to our sites completely free of charge. 

English Heritage Education offers pre-booked learning groups:

  • Free entry to over 400 sites.
  • Free safety information and preparation visits
  • Free online resources including teacher kits, images for learning and Heritage Learning magazine
  • Free use of education facilities, resources.and activities at selected sites
  •  Reasonably-priced, interactive, expert-led and award-winning “Discovery Visits” at selected sites


Dramatic Progress understands that sometimes teaching isn't enough, your students can look at you with a sense of "do you really know?" or their learning and development is restricted by time, assessments and other constant factors.

With Teaching and workshop experience across the age and ability range, Dramatic Progress uses Drama as the foundation for development. From teaching in nurseries and schools we have a variety of tried and tested programmes and workshops.

Secondary School Workshops

All our workshops aim to take your students’ learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom. If you would like us to cater for a specific text or practitioner or requirement we do not offer, please feel free to ask. Click the logo (left) for more info.


The Animal Experience offers school children of all ages (primary and secondary school) a unique educational opportunity to learn about a wide variety of rare and endangered creatures within the safety of the school environment. With a huge variety of animals from milksnakes to meerkats, tarantulas to tree frogs, and parrots to pythons this is a hands-on experience that the children will never forget.  Sessions are fun and informative and teach about the individual animals, their natural habitats, the unique adaptations that allow them to survive, and other related topics such as environmental issues and biodiversity.

Visits can be adapted to incorporate your specific requirements and reflect the needs of the national curriculum, both in terms of the animals brought and the session format. One popular option is a display in assembly followed by attendance class-by-class throughout the day, allowing the children to get up close and hands-on with animals they may never have seen before

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