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Mother Nature Science specialises in developing and delivering high quality educational programmes in schools. They believe the most effective way for children to learn is for them to participate in interesting, hands-on activities. Pupils pick up knowledge naturally whilst having fun with friends. Mother Nature provides a mix of Spectacular Science Assembly Shows, Science Day Workshops and their famous After School Science Club.

“Excellent engaging presentation from start to finish which reminded the children about previous learning and got them thinking. Classes especially liked the amount of practical participation - thank you very much.” Ms. Joyce, Yr 6 teacher, St. Joseph’s RC VA Junior School


Science Day Workshops

Mother Nature provides an extensive range of science workshops which are equivalent to ‘in class’ field trips and are especially popular during Science Weeks. Workshop topics cover all specific aspects of the primary science curriculum and instructors provide specialist equipment required to aid enquiry based learning. Mother Nature ‘Science Days’ are a whole day of themed science workshops, taking place at your school. Science Days are easy to plan, hassle free and can be best described as a trip to a science museum but without needing to hire a coach or get parent helpers. We ensure pupils run to their next science lesson!


Spectacular Science Assembly Shows

Mother Nature’s Science Assembly Shows last 30-45 minutes and are designed to entertain a large group of children with spectacular science demonstrations and discussions to inspire their curiosity and imagination on science. These sessions are most suited to be the springboard event to your school's science week.


After School Science Club

The Mother Nature Science Club/Academy is a premium after school activity which takes place at your school. It engages children in practical experiments, investigation, discussion and reflection on the core subject of ‘Science’. Pupils work together and explore many different ideas and activities during the weekly one-hour sessions in a stimulating learning environment. They are provided with their own set of equipment/material and get to build an item that they can take home to proudly show off to friends and family. The Academy provides an exciting alternative to other after school activities and, with over 60 unique modules, it can run for 6 consecutive school terms without repetition. Sessions are designed to complement the curriculum and most of all they are designed to be fun!

Call us today and let your pupils join the thousands of others in having fun with science this term.

Key information

  • Delivered to over 100 schools and over 30,000 pupils in London
  • Enriches, enhances and extends Key Stages 1 & 2
  • Better prepares pupils for the transition to Key Stage 3 (GCSE) Science
  • Delivers fun science knowledge to pupils
  • Professional lesson plans, equipment and materials
  • CRB checked and dynamic instructors
  • Easy to plan and hassle free to run 

Additional Information

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