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Hands-On-Science is one of the country’s leading independent providers of exciting and informative science education for schools. They deliver a range of engaging and inspirational STEM activities for children from Key Stages 1 - 3, with In-School Workshops, After-School Science Clubs and their new STEM Club In A Box.

Bringing science to life in your school

 “This is great! They are doing the fun bits of science that I don’t usually have time to do.” Teacher

“Brilliant! It made me think and I had to work in a team.” Student

“You have really fired E***** up to be interested in science, he now sets up experiments at home, which is great because he is dyslexic and struggles in class.” Parent


Hands-on-Science is run by professional teachers, scientists, engineers and science  communicators who believe passionately that learning should be fun. We have developed over 100 workshops which are constantly reviewed to make sure the learning we want to achieve is getting across in an exciting and engaging way.

Not all schools have in-house science specialists – but even those who do can always benefit from a fresh perspective! Our In-School Workshops are an ideal way to enhance your science syllabus for key stages 1 to 3. They complement the national curriculum and fire children’s imagination and desire to learn more – with a range of varied and stimulating activities that let children ‘get stuck in’ to real, practical science.

Over 100 workshops including:

• Rocket Challenge

• The Bridge Business - A business game and structural competition

• CSI: fingerprints, blood spatters and footprints… can you solve the crime?

• Flight

• Renewable Energy

• Air and the Atmosphere

• Disaster Recovery

• Firework Science

Hands-On-Science has launched the fabulous Key Stage 2-3 STEM Club In A Box, making it easy for any teacher who would like to start a STEM club, but doesn't have the time to have the ideas, find the materials, do the testing, planning and risk assessment. Based on 4 successful years and over 20,000 pupil hours, STEM Club In A Box offers tried and tested workshops with full and easy to understand leader’s notes. Just choose the workshop, read the notes, open the box and give the workshop. Then put it all back in the box, and Hands-On-Science will collect it and replace it with another.

Parents, teachers and children can rely on Hands-On-Science for challenging, age-appropriate, curriculum-enhancing learning and fun. 

Key information

  • Over 100 tried & tested Hands-On STEM workshops
  • Delivered In-School, After-School or STEM Club In a Box
  • Run by experienced teachers and science communicators
  • Supports the National Curriculum
  • Risk Assessed, CRB Checked and Insured



Additional Information

Address: Hands-On-Science, 1 Oakdene Drive, Barnt Green, Birmingham, B45 8LQ
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