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All Richard’s shows contain lots of curriculum-related material, but their content is never constrained by the curriculum. Richard believes in the importance of taking ideas where they naturally lead, and is keen to show how scientific ideas matter in everyday life. The human side of science is not forgotten in Richard’s shows, and where appropriate he likes to introduce well known scientists as rounded human beings.



Shows for Primary and Secondary schools

Seeing Things – What optical illusions teach us about how we see the world.

Simple Machines – All about wheels, gears, chains, pullies and hydraulics.

The Great Train Show – science behind trains – forces, friction, gradients, arches, beams and air resistance.

The Air Show – Air and the Earth's atmosphere - what air is made of, why it exerts pressure (and what happens in a vacuum), how balloons and aeroplanes fly, and a pillar of fire!

The Fire Show – Richard’s most popular show. Answers all you burning questions about fire: what burns and why, what happens when things burn, and what can we do with the energy we get from fire?


Shows for Secondary schools only

Galileo and the Stolen Telescope – Did Galileo really invent the telescope? Could it help him to prove that the Earth orbits the Sun? This costumed show investigates the truth behind Galileo’s legend, to shed light on scientific method and how science works.

It's About Time – What is time, how do we measure it, and how has timekeeping changed over, er, time?

New Shows – Richard is developing new shows on electricity and on inventions which should be available later in 2011. These shows will be suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools. Have a look on his website for progress updates and expected availability.

Richard charges a competitive daily rate with no hidden extras, like mileage charges or hotel bills, to find on top. In a day he will present at least three 45 minute shows, He can always bring two different shows with him if required, and maybe more, depending on what will fit in his van!


Key information

  • Full day or half day performance
  • Ideal audience size between 35 – 100
  • Risk assessments available
  • Full public liability insurance
  • Equity membership
  • CRB Clearance

Additional Information

Address: Science Shows by Richard Ellam, 3 Winterfield Road, Bristol BS39 7RF
Telephone: 01761 412797
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The area/s in which this provider is available are:South West

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