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Dr Matt Pritchard is an award-winning magician, comedian and science communicator. His amazing performances both inspire and inform.

Previously Matt conducted atomic physics research at Durham University, where he won the Institute of Physics' Postgraduate lecturer award in 2004, before working for the Education department at Thinktank Science Museum, Birmingham. In addition to this he has 12 years experience working as a professional magician. Matt loves being creative.

He’s comfortable and experienced working with diverse audiences, whether that’s pre-school children or university academics. Over the years he has conducted hundreds of science workshops, talks and shows.

For your peace of mind Matt has a current Enhanced CRB disclosure, £10 million public liability insurance and his shows are thoroughly risk assessed.


“Thanks very much for coming along yesterday, the day was a great success and I had great feedback about your show from all ages of children. The Reception and KS1 staff were particularly pleased at the level the show was pitched at, as previously similar events have been over the children's heads.” - Leeds Primary School 

"It takes an excellent presenter like you with a great topic to keep 900 GCSE students interested in a maths talk. Thank you for a great session."  - The Training Partnership

"This show not only inspired, it was also fun and highly interactive." - Bristol Brunel Academy


Your pupils will benefit from Matt's unique background and experience:

  • They will meet a 'real scientist'.
  • Magic by a master magician.
  • World class science communication.
  • Age appropriate presentations.

You and your school will benefit from:

  • Flexible and creative show packages.
  • Curriculum linked presentations.
  • Ease of booking.
  • Direct, fast and friendly communication.
  • Peace of mind.


Science Shows and Workshops

Could it be magic?- KS2+
Inspired by the premise that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, "Could it be Magic?" challenges students to think like scientists and magicians to uncover the truth behind illusions. The interactive show encourages enquiry, using magic tricks to inspire students' imaginative engagement with scientific ideas and technological developments. It also draws inspiration from heroes of science and engineering to discover the ingredients which help make creative people. This is an ideal show to support the "How Science Works" and "Enterprise" elements of the curriculum. Presented by an award winning magician and science communicator. 

Thrilling forces- KS1+
A fun and interactive show that demonstrates the thrilling forces behind theme park and fun fair rides. Pupils will experience and learn the science behind these forces: springs, elastic, magnets, air resistance, friction and gravity. 

Codes and communications- KS2+
A show featuring the fascinating history, science, technology and mathematics behind how we communicate information securely.

Something about Nothing- KS4+

Nothing is notoriously hard to grasp. However, things are set to change thanks to Dr Matt Pritchard who will attempt to fill in the empty gaps and explain almost everything there is to know about nothing. From Annihilation through to Zero. A comedy show uniquely fusing magic, multimedia and mathematics that explores the history, maths, science and philosophy behind nothing. The show features the following concepts: counting systems, zero, negative numbers, vacuums, creation & annihilation, the Big Bang, particle physics, CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, Black Holes and Henry the Hoover. 

Planetarium dome shows in your school- KS2+
 We have access to an inflatable planetarium that can be setup in a school hall creating a unique immersive 360 degree experience for pupils. There are various astronomy based shows that can be offered. 


Superhero science- KS2+
An interactive comedy and magic show exploring the science behind superhero powers. What is fact? What is fiction? and what might be feasible in the future? Topics include: mind reading, telekinesis, photographic memory, invisibility, x-ray vision, levitation and super strength.


If none of the above are what you are looking for, that's okay! Matt can also provide a bespoke presentation suited to your needs and requirements.

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