The Centre for Alternative Technology is concerned with the search for globally sustainable, whole and ecologically sound technologies and ways of life. C.A.T offer fun, facts and stimulating ideas, and cover various aspects of your curriculum, particularly in science, technology and geography for any level from infants to postgraduates.


Each year the centre welcomes visitors from schools, colleges and universities. Some visit to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining day out while others come for educationalreasons. Your group can opt to explore the displays unaccompanied or book a guided tour, specialist lecture or question and answer session.

If you wish to make use of their residential education facilities there are two Eco Cabins, which provide hostel-style accommodation for up to 18 people. A residential visit can include a range of specialist lectures, workshops and activitiestailored to the needs of your group.

A qualified and experienced Education team have developed and run hundreds of Educational Activity Programmes for all levels from Key Stage 2 upwards and offer a broad range of environmental topics covering lectures at Ph.D. level to activities for special needs groups. Past residential groups include: special needs, primary school students, GCSE and A level students and College and University courses. The Education Department also runs training days for teachers to help them deliver the new curriculum with a particular focus on how subjects can be related to education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

Programmes are designed in co-operation with your group and are specifically adapted to the needs and abilities of the participants. Input is welcomed from your own teaching staff as part of the programme while organised activities include:

• guided woodland and hill walks

• sensory explorations

• role play and drama workshops

• co-operative games

• practical design and making activities.


Subject areas include engineering, architecture, science, geography, environmental science, technology and building studies. Staff at C.A.T. have years of hands-on experience and academic expertise. Their renewable energy hardware, organic gardens and sewage systems are ideal for practical sessions, and the holistic approach of the Centre enables topics to be examined in a broad environmental context and adapted to suit all educational demands.


Key information

  • Day visit or eco-cabin residential
  • Key stage 1-4
  • Many of the exhibits are out of doors
  • Lunch provided or picnic area
  • Sown loadable Risk Assessments

Additional Information

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