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Schools Radio Network is designed to provide an educational experience to students, giving them an understanding of broadcast radio and media, a platform for their own self expression and an opportunity to showcase and promote the activity of your school. Radio is a fun and engaging platform for learning and helps develop a wide range of skills and abilities for the students involved. We offer a wide variety of courses, experiences and services, Broadcasting for Schools is one way your school and students can get involved.

How does Broadcasting for Schools work?

We will work with a small cohort of students (around 10) on a weekly basis, for 1 ½ – 2 hours normally for a 6 week (half term) course. During the course we will develop their skills and support them to plan and record a weekly radio show ready for broadcast. Over the length of the course we find students gain an understanding of radio and the media, but also increase their confidence and  communication skills.

Further benefits include the opportunity for students to work creatively together to produce a final product, that is accessible to their friends and family, which encourages a high standard of work and level of engagement from the students.

The content of the shows is guided by your school’s objectives and input from the students. We aim to make the topics relevant to them by drawing on current school subject topics and what’s happening at the school or more broadly by drawing on issues covered in PSHE that effect young people.

Broadcasting for schools can work with a wide range of students and be used in different ways to support and enhance the learning experience. It can be used in line with the curriculum, for example with media students or as an extra curricular activity, perhaps as part of your Gifted and Talented programme. Students will develop skills and use equipment used in the radio industry, which can really inspire them as well as enhance their CV’s.

The sessions can be easily adapted for SEN or inclusion students; the practical and creative elements acting as a fantastic support aid to engagement, literacy and communication skills.

How do the students create their own show and when is it broadcast?

The show consists of recorded links (the bits between the songs) as well as songs, jingles and other production. The show will be broadcast at the same time each week, normally the week after the recording. We can pick a day and time that suits your school and provide promotional material to advertise the student’s show across the school as well as to parents, governors and the wider community, which is a great opportunity to showcase your school’s achievements. Once broadcast, the shows are then uploaded to your very own “Show Page” on so that people can listen again and you can show off the work of your students.

Other Services

As well as providing educational courses and experience we are able to provide the following:

Streaming / Hosting

If you are running your own station you can take advantage of our cost effective streaming packages, providing everything you need to broadcast your own shows. What we offer is continuing to grow as part of the Network, if you have any particular requests please just let us know.

RSL – FM Broadcast Radio (Short Term FM Licences)

We are able to provide full equipment required to broadcast on FM for a short period, as well as support with licensing  and programming.

Radio Consultancy

Want to setup a full radio station for your school or maybe a community venture? We can assist with licenses and setup support, as well as providing ongoing support with any sized radio project. We can also help recommend equipment suppliers and be part of the process to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Additional Information

Telephone: 01582 807152
The area/s in which this provider is available are:Home Counties, Greater London, East

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