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Nathalie Vin began working with mosaics 13 years ago and became a professional in 2001. From the beginning her ultimate aim has been to challenge her workmanship and push her talents and her art to the limit. She creates mosaics for residential, public, schools and commercial settings in the UK and in France with projects ranging from medium to large scale indoor and outdoor.


“As an individual, Nathalie engages communities and audiences directly and with ease. As an artist and project director, she has a clear vision for her work and is able to translate that into reality…” Paula Murray, Head of Arts and Creative Industries, Brighton & Hove City Council


As an experienced mosaic artist/consultant she has worked extensively with communities and school groups and can help to coordinate any mosaic project at your school, tailored to your schools’ needs and within your budget.

A typical school workshop can start with a brief introductory talk on mosaic's fascinating 4000 year history. Then, over an appropriate period for your school project Nathalie will synchronise the efforts of your pupils to create a mesmerizing, permanent mosaic feature for the school that every child can feel ownership of. During a mosaic workshop she ensures that everybody explores themselves so they can adopt the project’s concept and make it theirs.

With the children engaged and confidence established the rest is an association of tiles and enjoyment… and this is where Nathalie can pass on her knowledge, give tips, explanations, new visual perspectives, projections of the finished product, how to see differently etc. She is native French and fluent in English, a fact which raises the children’s curiosity and encourages them to communicate in French.

Mosaics is a hands-on / kinaesthetic and enjoyable medium which can be adapted to all learning styles and can be used as a platform to further develop skills such as self esteem , self control and intuition. Mosaic workshops are often a surprise for teachers as the children seem to be gripped by the medium and willing to concentrate while remaining quiet and focussed.

A mosaic projects can be permanent or semi permanent, on a floor or a wall. It can form a pathway or decorate a wall, a bench or other architectural feature. The mosaic can depict a school logo and name and can be organised as a single group work or a collection of individual pieces assembled together. Alternatively each student can make and keep their artwork.

A mosaic workshop can provide support to many aspects of the school curriculum, including PSHE, religious education, history, art, design and technology, Maths, Science, Literacy, Health and Safety, French.


Key information

  • Gifted and talented provision
  • Suitable all key stages
  • Member of British Association for Modern Mosaics
  • £350 - £450 per day
  • Cross curricular support
  • Tools and equipment are supplied but the cost of
  • materials (tiles, adhesives, grout etc) is on top

Additional Information

Address: Mosaic Worlds, 36 Trossachs Road, London SE22 8PY
Telephone: 020 8693 0817
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